Monday, October 17, 2011

Statement Analysis of Deborah Bradley on Today Show

Please note that when a subject introduces a topic, the topic is important.  We now have confirmation that alcohol played a role that night.  Next, we will hear that infidelity played a role, even as the parents report that this has brought them closer together. 

*Please note that unless a subject tells us something, we cannot affirm to it. In this analysis, the mother, Deborah Bradley, did not say she was drunk, but avoiding saying so, even though they want this information known.

PA: You told us that police even accused you of killing your daughter.

This is the perfect place to issue a reliable denial. 

DB:  MmmHmm.  Mmm Hmm

Deborah Bradley does not deny killing Lisa. 

PA: How has that been for authorities to focus on you at times?

DB: Terrible because my daughter is missing.   The last thing that I want to have to worry about is something like that.  I shouldn't have to put any energy and time or effort into anything but finding her.

Note that she has to put "energy", "time" or "effort" into worrying about being the focus.  Note "but finding her". What is her energy, time or effort being put into finding "her"?

PA: Were you drinking that night?

DB: Yes.

PA: How much?

DB: Uh, enough to be drunk.

Note that she does not say she was drunk.  Unless she tells us she was drunk, we cannot say so.  This is not lost on the Interviewer who sees that Bradley is not being forthcoming.  

PA: So you were drunk?

DB: Mmm Hmm.

She gives affirmation but does not say the words that she was drunk.  Please note that lying is stressful, and a "yes or no" question is the easiest to lie to, yet here she does not use words.  Alcohol is a sensitive topic (as is infidelity in this investigation) but she did not use words to say so.

PA:  A lot of people are going to say Deborah you were drunk that night, a lot of people are going to say, "Deborah, you were drunk that night, is there any chance you did anything to hurt your daughter that you're just not telling us?

DB:  No, no, no and If I thought there was a chance I'd say it.  No.  No.  I don't think that alcohol changes a person enough to do something like that.

Please note that her denial consists of the repetition of the word "no" five times showing a repeated sensitivity to the question of alcohol playing a role in Lisa's demise.  Note that she only "thinks" which shows weakness and uses the word "person", gender neutral, and does not say that it did not change her.  This indicates deception regarding alcohol playing a role in Baby Lisa's demise. 

Note that the camera went to a close up of Deborah and Jeremy's hands, and that Deborah is clutching Jeremy's leg and he is  holding his own  hands.  Body language experts have said that Jeremy's behavior is a form of self comfort and her behavior suggests control.  This may remind some of the Anthonys. 

PA:  Do you in any way question that she;s not telling you or police everything that she knows?

JI:  No.  There's, there's no question to be had there.  I know who she is.  I know, what kind of mother she is. 

Please note that Jeremy says he knows who she is, what kind of mother she is, but does not deny that Lisa was harmed by Deborah.  

PA: Does it seem feasible to you that someone could have gotten in while you and your two boys were sleeping and you wouldn't have heard a thing.

JI:  Our bedroom is on the exact opposite corner of the house and uh, she sleeps with the fan on high.

Please note that they reported having a baby monitor.  Please note that in the two part question, the interviewer brings up the boys as well.  He answers for Deborah, but not about the boys. 

DB:  Yeah, but they must have been doing it much quieter than the police were.

PA:  You told us that police said you failed a lie detector test.  What question or questions did they say you failed?

DB:  They said that I failed when they asked me where she was.

Regarding Deborah and Jeremy refusing to let the police re interview Lisa's half brothers:  

DB:  They said they heard noises.  But I don't know if that was before um, we went to sleep or after.  I have not sat down and talked to them about it.  Specifically to not have to put them through anything else.

Please note that the kids heard noises relating to Lisa's disappearance but after 2 weeks the mother reports that she hasn't talked to them about it.  

   She begins with "they said" but denies speaking to them about it, adding body posture (sat down) indicating tension associated with the noises they heard.  She would have us believe that the boys said they heard noises, but Deborah did not respond to them with "what did you hear?", which indicates that she did not want to ask them, even after all of this time, because she does not need the information about the noises they heard.  

This shows that Deborah made enough noise to leave her certain that the children heard her. 

"To not have to put them through anything else."  She would

PA:  If the person who took your baby daughter is out there watching this right now what would you say to them?

DB:  She needs her family.  We need her.  We're losing more sanity as each day progresses.

She is to be speaking directly to the kidnapper and wants the kidnapper to know that they are losing their sanity more each day.  

The interview was 45 minutes with only a few moments played thus far.  In the short interview, Deborah Bradley is deceptive in her denial that alcohol played a role in what happened to Baby Lisa.  She also reveals that, like Jeremy, her own personal comfort level takes precedence over Baby Lisa, similar to when Jeremy ended an interview, as a man and father of Lisa, because he was tired. 

Jeanine Piro spoke next who now says the change of story, particularly the time frame, in which Deborah previously said she checked on Lisa at 10:30PM, but now reports that the last time she saw her was when she put her to bed/sleep at 6:40PM.  

This is an essential change in which likely indicates sensitivity (critical missing information)  between 6:40PM and 10:30PM.  

The time period mentioned earlier was 10:30PM that Deborah said she "checked" on Lisa.  10:30PM should also be considered highly sensitive to the case. 

In Statement Analysis, we look for critical points in the account.  We expect to hear a response from someone associated with the family in regards to this change.   


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dadgum said...

On police suspicion....
"..the last thing that I want to have to worry about is sumthin' like that.."

"I shouldn't have to put any energy, any time, or effort into anything but finding her"

What about telling the truth the first time???

The timeline changes..she now put baby to bed at 6:40pm....doesn't mention checking her at 10:30..and now says she was (plain) drunk.

Tish said...

Good lord.

6:30pm? Has it been reported (confirmed) what time Jeremy went to work? When was the last time HE says he saw Lisa? I think he was home when Lisa was killed (however it happened), but Debbie is the 'actress' so she is taking the 'fall' for the story.

'And then I'll never see her again.'
Why not? An arrest means 'people' will stop looking - even her family, Jeremy will stop looking? Deborah will be the ONLY person to dissagree with the arrest?

'I don't think alcohol changes a person enough to do something like that'

Something like what? Did the reporter say what 'that' is? How does Debbie know what 'that' is, in order to say alcohol won't cause it?
I don't think she was drunk. Drinking perhaps, drunk, no.

dadgum said...

There was a test break in by police..likely the video we saw..JI states that the parents bedroom is on the "exact opposite side of the house" from the baby's room, and that DB sleeps with the fan on high. Then DB states "Yeah but, they most have been doing it much quieter than the police were" meaning the test break-in could be heard in the bedroom where she was.

Lie detector..questions failed..
"they said I failed when they asked me where she was"

Parents refuse to let police re-interview Lisa's half brothers (after all, they might know something..)

"They said they heard noises, but (shrugs) I don't know if that was before um we went to sleep or after I have not sat down and talked to them about it. Specifically to not have to put them through anything else" this was all one run-together sentence

Or have the truth come out.

dadgum said...

Glad you're listening too hands are not awake yet..and now I am angry..'something like that'...what, pray tell...

dadgum said...

"We're losing um more sanity as each day progresses"

Parents will announce later today that they are bringing in an attorney.

Pirro is NOT pleased with the time frame changes..

Tish said...

No I'm not listening I can't find it live streamed online....I'm looking for it....:(
I was commenting on what peter posted only.

JoAnn said...

Missed the Today show segment, but caught the "separate" interviews on GMA. On GMA, DB does not admit being drunk, just drinking "but it had nothing to do with anything." Her speech is rather rushed or clipped; don't know if this is normal for her, but it sounds a tad hostile. JI appears shell shocked in his interview, and when asked if he "ever considered that an accident could have occurred, he first says "no, never" then follows that with "the first time I had that thought was when the police brought it up." Hmmm, which is - never, or only after police mentioned it?

JoAnn said...

Peter, did you see interviews on GMA this morning? Would love to see your comments on the "separate" soft interviews.

patrice said...

Horrible, just horrible. The mother is a walking evil parent. The boys should be taken away from both of them. She is a liar, and a scumbag.

dadgum said...

Now GMA..same location, same clothing would not agree to separate interviews..these are the words of DB

LE 'you failed'
DB 'Failed WHAT? What question did I fail?'
LE 'You failed the one where you know where your daughter's at'
DB 'that's not possible, I don't know where she's at'
'and I just proceeded to come unglued..' "it's not possible, freakin' out, tellin' them no..'

'He looked at my face, and he said.."I've met bad mothers like you..and proceeded to say probably somethin' along the lines of 'I need to tell the truth, or...'

'It's hard to hear that, but if it means I have to go through all this to get her back..I don't care.'

Dan Abrams..'would you take another lie detector test?'
DB (shrugs) "yeah..why not?"

JoAnn said...

Also in the GMA interview, DB says the police showed her "burned clothing." Gave me chills.

Tish said...

Link to Today Show interview.

JoAnn said...

DB also mentioned that police showed her a "doppler thing with supposed pings from cell phones." I have feeling this was during early questioning, and that by Day 2, the police were already certain she was responsible.

dadgum said...

GMA ct'd

Dan Abrams asks if she thinksarrest is possible
DB (slight shrug) "I don't know..they'd be wrong." (laugh, shrug)

Asks about drinking..
DB "doesn't explain anything"(shakes head no to most questions as she answers, by the way)

"..'cause I had nuthin to do with anything"

DA 'Were you drinking a lot that night"
DB "I was drinking..but it has nothing to do with my daughter's disappearance"

DA 'you said what you have been told is lies..what do you mean by that?'
DB "during interrogation, we found this they showed me burnt clothes, they showed me a doppler thing with pings from my cell phones,and I'm led to believe at this point that none of that was real"

"I hope the burnt clothes weren't real"

"I don't understand, they're doin their's not personal, but I don't feel very good about it"

Jeremy follows..

Nic said...

Tish said:
Something like what? Did the reporter say what 'that' is? How does Debbie know what 'that' is, in order to say alcohol won't cause it?

What ever 'that' is, she's getting as far away as possible from 'it'.


dadgum said...

on GMA..former fbi guest is not comfortable, they are holding back..more to story.

Dan Abrams says they seem like grieving parents, and says their accounts are consistent, and have not changed.


Vitak said...

Video of Interview -Today Show 10/17/2011

Tish said...

Thanks for the full analysis Peter.

I really want to know what time Jeremy left for work.

I think Joy (IIRC) mentioned on chat that a PI posted on Nancy Grace's facebook page that Jeremy went to work at 10:30pm after the Starbucks was closed.
There are hundreds of comments on the NG facebook page - I'm sorry I don't have time to go through them to confirm it.
But if he did go to work at 10:30pm, my guess is that is when he took Lisa's body and disposed of her on his way to work.
10:30pm - "the last time 'we' saw her."

Anonymous said...

What the hey? What keeps the presumed father in this charade? He may end up losing his biological child because of his stubbornness. Now I wonder if the baby food, diapers, were stashed as a red herring? It's been how many days?, nah, I guess those purchased in the video would have long ago been used up. I don't think it's a huge leap from lying, stealing, and infidelity on a close-in military base to the present debacle. Luckily, she is homebound, so we know she had help. Way sad that her innocent baby girl is the victim in her drama this time.

dadgum said...


would love to know what time he left, who let him in at starbucks, and far is it?

so many questions..tomorrow will be telling.

JI said they are closer than ever,,
'thick as thieves???' perhaps..and long shots of them embracing. Spin..all spin.

Nic said...

Thanks for the link, Tish.

Re fan.

Cass's mom is recently on record about regretting that she had the fan on the night Cass was taken.

Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irving are taking facts from other cases and using them to embellish their story.


Tish said...

“Please think of Lisa,’’ Bradley said. “She needs her family, and they need her.’’

Distancing much? Now Deborah is not even Lisa's family?

dadgum said...

Nic..I think so too. So many of the details are similar to other I suppose we will hear the baby drowned in that tub that's now in her crib.

It was said this morning that DB followed many missing child cases, and now understands the parent's side, and that most are mistakenly thought to be guilty.

Because most seem to be, don't they?

JoAnn said...

Something else that bothered me was the comment on GMA that DB had closely followed other cases involving missing children (it was apparently mentioned but not aired). Could DB be twisted enough to want to be the next Casey Anthony? Fame and fortune at any cost? I've been bothered since her former neighbor/friend Sara E. commented that DB had a "miscarriage every couple of months." If that's true, she could be considered histrionic, possibly Munch. or M by P....

crwofter1 said...

PeterAlexander Peter Alexander

NBC News has learned #BabyLisa's family is expected to announce today they are bringing in an attorney.
13 minutes ago!/PeterAlexander

Anonymous said...

She would have been sloshed big time by 10:30p.m. when she said she checked on Lisa! The more she lies, the more LE believes she is guilty. imo

Knowing what she has done, I'm amazed that she is able to talk with media! Look at the huge difference between her and Desiree Young! Deborah is so much like Casey remorse. All fake! WHY did she want her baby dead??

Anonymous said...

We know the mother has a history of extortion, lying, infidelity, bullying, etc. So she has gone to school on the scamthony and other public-fueled cases, and, viola, here's the result of her studies.

Vitak said...

Watching DB on camera

Alexander asks if she was drinking -she admits she was, he follows up with...
Is there any chance you did anything to hurt your daughter, that you're just not telling us??

DB: No, no, no and If I thought there was a chance I'd say it. No. No.

Her personality changes for a split second, snarky enters in her tone *wincing her eyes*- her add is a "teaching moment to the reporter" that she feels a matter of fact - I don't think that alcohol...

DB: I don't think that alcohol changes a person enough to do something like that.

Alcohol ? does not change a person, "enough" to do something like what?

Have a forgetful memory?
Black out?
Become violent?
Lose control?
Become sloppy?
What ?
@2:04 question is asked if she was drunk

Anonymous said...

OMG this mother screams guilt!

She disgusts me, and yes, whoever said she's getting tips from other parents ie: leaving the fan on - I agree.

LE knew more within the first couple days than they let on. They don't believe either parent and wanted to get the message out to the public quickly by holding a press conf saying they were no longer cooperating.

I hope I'm right when LE says we are not going to let another CASEY ANTHONY get away with this!

Nic said...

Re the noises DB says the boys heard noises but that she wasn't sure if that was before they went to sleep or after.

1) "I have not talked to them about it".

When someone reports what they didn't do, it is sensitive. "It" is the noises that were heard.

The kids have most likely been coached as to what to say and if LE sits them down and asks them closed questions, I'm betting LE would discover "inconsistencies".

2) Did the boys go to bed at the same time as the mom? She said, "when we went to sleep".

3) If no, were the noises the boys were hearing DB and a "friend"? Or DB and JI fighting before he went to work. She said that she didn't know if it was before they went to sleep or after.

dadgum said...

VI..that was really odd..that alcohol doesn't change a person..isn't that common knowledge?

Such an odd interview to watch sound on, sound off..she really did get snarky, didn't she?

Anonymous said...

One thing I KNOW, she has got some LOUSEY attys.! A good atty. would NEVER allow her to go on shows like this!

Wonder if Wildbill did this?
Unbelievable! Even a bad atty. would tell her to keep her mouth shut!

Anonymous said...

I am shocked by the level of narcissism shown by DB in this interview. She thinks people will stop looking for Lisa if she is arrested? She thinks noboby is interested in finding Lisa, and that it is all just about HER?

Jeremy Irwin seems like he is boiling with rage inside, keeping this creepy stone face to bottle it up. I would not be surprised if he starts cracking up soon and turns on DB. I am convinced he knows DB killed Lisa, and I think he hates her for it.

Poor little Lisa. This is heartbreaking.

Anonymous said...

I think she was smoking pot as well as drinking. She should have been checked..standard procedure.

dadgum said...

Tomorrow should be interesting..LE likely has even more to look at now. I wonder why she thinks the pings, and other things aren't "real"..Because LE can say things that aren't true? Does not mean they are not telling truth here..

I am not pleased with much of the media coverage..sympathetic interviewers are afraid to rock the boat, and lose the interview. Family won't talk to 'unsympathetic' local media..and Stanton, don't get me started..

Then there is the Jackson trial taking the lead..and NG dancing..and using her show to scrounge for votes. ugh!

Seamus O Riley said...

Please note updated analysis: Deborah did not say she was drunk. This may prove significant.

Note that many experts have played both sides of the fence rarely saying "she is deceptive" but will likely now change their view.

When the case breaks, we will hear the experts say "yeah, there are those crocodile tears" when during their earlier appearances, they made no such affirmation.

As to narcissism: agreed.

As to Jeremy: I would like him to say more, but he appears to be covering for her, and may distance himself from her, little by little. I expect to hear more about infidelity, just as the introduction of alcohol has joined the story.

This was a spin gone wrong.

Deception by the family continues.


Anonymous said...

why the exact time 6;40 and not rounding to 630?

Anonymous said...

hair dolled up now wearing a cross, yeah, right.

way to go, wild Billy!

JoAnn said...

Got a little chill when I saw Lisa's little sunglasses on the dresser in her room. If DB shows up wearing those sunglasses (a la Casey A wearing Caylee's sunglasses) I know I will yank my TV right off the wall and toss it out the window. GRRRRRR

Vitak said...

Jeremy adding that DB sleeps with a fan, a fan on high.
Is this to offer now, to convince the fan is part of why she did not hear anything?

I sleep with a fan myself. I have for years. All year round. What happens when you have a noise/fan in the background for a great length of time, your ears acclimate. You still hear things, everything, as well as noises out of the ordinary.

The fan would not " take over" the room that the baby monitor would not be heard either.

The long gap that JI and DB have not been talking, they have been. They have been coached. They have been given tools in preparation for these "tough questions" -

No more tears and break downs for DB, this is serious business now.
It's no longer about Lisa it's about saving Deborah. Period.

Her answer of the "boys" they heard noises, but she has not asked them any questions at all. She does not want to cause them further distress.

I guess she does not feel they have the right to communicate their feelings in all of this. I hope the boys receive counseling at this point. She is lying.
She promoting that a stranger entered the home, has now destroyed the security/safety of the family *this is enough to terrorize a small child.
She is not willing to talk about it with them. This again a reminder that Deborah Bradley is not mature. She is self centered and selfish. She makes me angry.

Where is Baby Lisa?

Anonymous said...

When Elizabeth Smart was missing, her family questioned her sister because her sister saw and heard things. Her sister was a witness with valuable information.

If a child of mine went missing, of course you would question the siblings who heard noises. A possible witness could help find the child!!!! Why not "put them through that" as DB states? Because if they saw or heard anything it was DB not an intruder.

I am appalled that these parents are not questioning their sons.

Anonymous said...

@ dadgum

"I am not pleased with much of the media coverage..sympathetic interviewers are afraid to rock the boat, and lose the interview."

This can also have it's advantages. The more comfortable DB feels in front of a camera and the more she talks, the deeper she digs herself into the hole by her blatant lies and the changes in her story.

Give them enough rope....

Anonymous said...

If she is a bossy, bullying type that behavior would certainly be magnified with alcohol. She is probably a mean obnoxious drunk.

Vitak said...

Deborah Bradley's Mother's Obit -

She attended Delaware Technical School earning a certificate in the computer field. She was a self-employed house cleaner for the last 8 years. *She has been a member of Alcoholics Anonymous for the last 8 years.

She Deborah raised by a Mom who was an alcoholic. And DB can say that Alcohol doesn't change a person. Is she in denial? She doesn't recall her childhood either?

Anonymous said...

DB's interview was infuriating! OMG, could she be any MORE self-centered? If their two young sons heard and/or saw what happened and have information that could help bring their baby sister home, but are NOT allowed to share what they know, it could damage them for their rest of their lives. I do NOT understand why the parents don't want the boys to be re-interviewed. They could have information about the alleged kidnapping, right?

JoAnn said...

Anon at 9:08 - I had the same thought about her personality being "magnified" by alcohol. She does seem bossy and hostile to me; and common sense tells me that behavior would probably become intensified by drinking.

crwofter1 said...

I am praying that LE is going for charges tomorrow. After PillBillie & Shawn still walking around I took a long break from these cases, couldn't take it. If this Monster Mom walks. I am done. Justice needs to Prevail one way or another for these abused babies that can't defend themselves.
Sorry for the rant. This Bullcrap ticks me off. Monster Mom lying her ass off, probably taught her innocent little boys to lie. Just pure evil. Witch with a "B"!!!!!

Kit Kat said...

Saw the ABC interview, JI seems kinda on the meek, & shy side and very uncomfortable in the 1 on 1 setting.
I guess I don't understand if D was the primary reason
Lisa died/missing and he had nothing to do with it why hasn't he exploded by now? He must know what kinda person he is living with by now and have suspicions. So because he hasn't splilled his guts to LE IMHO he must be involved...perhaps up to his eyeballs and that is only
reason why LE/State hasn't given him immunity or they are waiting til time is right to play "let's make a deal" with one parent pitted against the other.
However, if he truly has nothing to do with crime it's a sad day in America to realize that for some in society the lure of the media payday is so great that a parent will disregard his baby daughter's well being or recovery.

RubyJB said...

The longer it is before the boys are interviewed again, the more time Deborah & Jeremy have to skew the boys' memories. Yet another way they're covering up important information.

Nashteach said...

OK, now I totally believe she is responsible for the death of her child and her husband is knowingly helping her cover it up.

What would the phone pings show? Location?

The police obviously have a lot of evidence we don't know much about.

Haven't talked to kids? Won't let them talk to police? Obviously afraid of what they'd say.

If she already has a lawyer, this lawyer is an idiot for letting her talk.

Anonymous said...

6:40pm is really early to put a kid to bed, even a baby. And Lisa was nearly a year old at that. Putting her to bed at 6:40... why? Was someone coming over and she wanted Lisa out of the way? Where were the boys?

Anonymous said...

Is there a link to gma ?

Anonymous said...

To Vitak, what were the circumstances of the mother's death? Shot by husband was it? Or am I remembering something else?

Vitak said...

Anon @ 8:54 - that is what entered my mind too. That she was smoking pot that her High intensified that night, not by Wine or alcohol alone.
The word alcohol.
When I think of Alcohol I think of spirits " Liquor". Wine doesn't enter my mind. Was she drinking wine and liquor ? doing shots would make one " drunk" in a short period of time. Or did she have a few glasses of wine and then moved to "smoke". Does JI and DB smoke pot in their home on a regular basis? this why Jeremy is stealth on backing her. He does not want an inquiry held, a welfare check on the boys?

Tish said in chat last night, if she was " Drunk" would she not reek at 4am when LE were interviewing her?

If you have an addiction problem and its' known by your partner. The partner is either going enable or attempt to disable the addiction. Now this is out in the open -Especially with small children involved, this is a sensitive to Jeremy (he not focused on yet) - he is not stupid. It will come out when he is put up against the wall concerning his Son's welfare/custody. It will leak if more than "wine" was being consumed on that evening - as well if there is issues with addiction inside the familial home.

IF "drinking" is continued to be defended by Deborah, that is clarifying yes this is an issue with her. Drinking is her normal, so her to defend it comes naturally. She has defended it, adding the spite in her tone, is very telling she knows she has issues with alcohol.

Vitak said...

Anon I do not know how her Mom died - I have heard rumors that her death was Suspicious - that it was begged by one family member, her death be investigated. Something to do with child support or debt that caused a riff ? ... I am not sure, but yes I have heard the rumblings were posted on FB by one of Deborah's own family members. Something was ?? in the death of her Mom.

JoAnn said...

6:40 does seem like an early bedtime for a 10 month old baby. Wonder if the two boys had already had their supper at that time? If DB truly put that baby to bed at 6:40, and didn't see or hear from her again until hubby wakes her up at 4 a.m.- that is nine and a half hours!!!! Good grief, mothers have internal alarms that go off when they realize time has passed without seeing or hearing a baby cry. Surely she would have to be stone drunk, passed out to be unaware of that many hours gone by without hearing Lisa!!!

Anonymous said...

Deborah still doesn't appear to suffering from real remorse....I think it's all about HER, and keeping herself out of jail.

So, they have another atty. I thought they already had two.
Wonder why we're not seeing more of Wildbill. That surprises me!

Anonymous said...

So there is no question that Debra was drunk that night, she admits it. Speculation that some other substance was involved.... could it be Ambien? Wine + Ambien is a terrible combination. I've spent the night with a friend who combined the 2 and she did things in the middle of the night she has no recollection of....

Anonymous said...

Obviously they haven't heeded the calls for an attorney.
On day 2, after their first media dog and pony show, I saw the need for a lawyer.
They have spoken way too much and no matter how hard they try to look sincere, they never will, because they are hiding the truth.
They deserve all this scrutiny because they don't have lawyers, even if innocent, they still need a lawyer, one lawyer for DB and one for JI.
Remember, they are NOT married so JI CAN testify against DB.
Body language tells more than words!

JoAnn said...

Watching JI with audio off, I see a man who looks sick to his stomach - sick and frightened to death. When he glances at DB, he looks like he has a bad taste in his mouth. He also appears to be resigned rather than desperate to find his baby. Resigned and grieving; looks like he has a hard time swallowing (maybe because he knows DB's story is hard to swallow?)

Anonymous said...

Note to parents of missing baby Lisa: please do continue your media interviews as all of us find anything and everything you have to say so instructive and helpful in searching for her. I await the next installment.

Anonymous said...

There is doubt DB was drunk, just because she says she was drinking doesn't mean she was incoherent.
Most likely she is saying this because of the video of her and her brother buying wine. SHE probably thinks it will help in her defense.
Where is this brother?

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I just thought of you think they got PAID to be on the Today Show??

Vitak said...

I question - Fox Cable News and Judge Pirro. Fox is slowly leaking the Pirro interview. This tells me that little Baby Lisa is deceased. For them to withhold the full interview is telling. Why will FOX not release the entire interview in full content to the internet. The last interview prior to the DB/JI lawyering up.

If Lisa Irwin was abducted by a stranger and is still alive - the Parents the last to see her, only they know what happened the day and evening of - Why would Fox withhold the interview in full content? Only release bits and pieces. The family begging the Nation to aid in finding Baby Lisa.

Answer: Lisa was never an abducted baby and she is no longer alive.

Pirro - part of transcript interview released. Deborah answers and admits She left the computer window open. Were her and her friend partying in the computer room? Opened the window to remove a scent or smoke?

Judge Jeanine: “Were the lights on or off when you went to bed?”
Debbi: “I turned them off.”

Judge Jeanine: “OK, was the front door locked or unlocked?”

Debbi: “I don’t remember. Typically I lock it. Um, I mean I left the computer room window open and …”
Judge Jeanine: “So the computer room is in the front of the house?”
Jeremy: “Yeah, that’s right.”
Debbi breaks down and weeps, hugging Jeremy.
DB interjecting " break downs" remove Pirro from her train of thought. Pirro in my opinion was not " interviewing" but gaining a cameo in this case.
She DB admits that she did open and leave open the window in the computer room. She cannot recall locking the door - she then says " I mean" I left the computer room window open - She deviates away from the front door and jumps to the computer room window.

She does not want to discuss the door. The person who accompanied her that night has never been said, they are ANON at this point. If it were the "neighbor" why would they not step forth and say - DB and I were together, and the kids were.. NO, has not happened. Won't happen either.

Just prior to this Question and response by DB. Interview:

Judge Jeanine: “The neighbor was gone when you went to sleep?”
Debbi: “Yeah.”
Judge Jeanine: “And you think that was about 10:30?”
Debbi: “Yeah.”
Hobs & I ask: Why would the neighbor still be in your house if you were asleep? They left at 10:30, did they let their self out? Deborah did not accompany them to the door? Did they leave out the back? The window? What?

Anonymous said...

It looks like Casey to going to have to move over and make room for another "most hated woman in America."

I can't decide what word describes this whole mess better - tragic or pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Matching red jeeps. Oh, but wait, no drivers license. That could be a problem.

JoAnn said...

Does anyone know what time JI went to work? No one is going to believe a mother WITH A SICK CRANKY CHILD checked on her at 6:40, and didn't even look in on her at 10:30 before going to bed?? wth? Even a crappy mother would peek in the nursery before going to bed, if only to be sure the baby wasn't going to be awake and disturbing her.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if psychiatrist that have seen Deborah on the media, think she is a sociopath? I know something about her is "just not right". Hope Peter will bring a good shrink on!

Carrol said...

I gotta say this case has me fuming this morning.

Why would DB be giving the public information on how much she was drinking? Why isn't there a "no comment" about this from them?

Especially since she is not fully admitting that she had too much drink and therefore drunk? Is it because she doesn't want to be accused of buying alcohol for someone under aged, and wants it to appear she was the one who was drinking that box of wine? Why on earth would she be given this info out to the public in the first place? How does this help find baby Lisa?

Anonymous said...

Answer to Carrol, It's not about the baby and she is setting up a defense.

Lemon said...

The parents and extended family know how this country loathes and detests a lying mother with a baby girl missing / presumed dead.

They know the reaction to Casey Anthony.
They know the reaction to George & Cindy.
They know justice was not served in that case.

They fear a CA backlash and know an "accident" theory will send public opinion into a frenzy.

Enter lawyer, handlers, "PI" BS et al.
Would the family need a 'threat assessment' specialist because they anticipate threats, i.e. death threats?

One Simple Question:

Who among all these newly hired guns are 'experts' in the field of tracking and finding missing children?


JoAnn said...

DB admitting she was drunk might be her crafty (fail) way of appearing transparent - I've told you the worst thing about myself, therefore, I'm hiding nothing. See how up front I am about something so shameful? I'm just an honest person. Epic Fail!

Lemon said...

@ Carol above:

Team Bradwin are releasing/floating information in a manner so as to mitigate public response.

They know the police know, and likely the grand jury.
"Controlled release" - emphasis on 'control'.

Nashteach said...

Jeremy says she "sleeps with the fan on high" not that the fan WAS on high that night.

JoAnn said...

DB also said she had her 6 yr old and a stray kitten in bed with her that night. Kittens don't sleep thru the night either, they are more like newborn babies.

Vitak said...


#babylisa Family statement expected within seven hours.
Watch and @nbcactionnews midday for details.

1 hour ago

RussPtacek Russ Ptacek
#babylisa. Mom tells Today she was drunk. Expect to hear from the Baby Lisa family - or a spokesman this afternoon. @nbcactionnews
1 hour ago

RussPtacek Russ Ptacek
#babylisa I met Jeremy Irwin briefly over weekend. Seemed very normal and quite different from the stoic father in the network interviews
1 hour ago!/RussPtacek

Who is Russ Ptacek?
NBC Action News Reporter Russ Ptacek brings two decades of award winning local and network experience to his role as investigative reporter.

BigMamaNa said...

I've been watching Fox News. Megan Kelly interviewed the Irwin-Bradley couple over the weekend and will feature that at 1:00PM EDT.
Is anyone keeping count of the number of interviews they gave over the weekend. It appears that they do not have an agreement with just one network.
I think this couple might even have Peter and Heather stymied!!

patrice said...

I do not understand why these parents are not looking for their baby. I do not understand why they moved out of the house they lived in. They could at least try and show us that they care and are concerned about their missing baby.

JoAnn said...

All of these interview!!! Somewhere in Florida, there are Anthonys gnashing teeth...

khintx said...

DB "during interrogation, we found this they showed me burnt clothes
And yet a day or two ago Jeremy denied knwing anything about the dumpster fire and Debbie shrugged it off (she does that often) and said it was non related, unimportant.

Lemon said...

If baby Lisa was the "glue" that holds them together, and now she's gone, what is holding them together now?

Jeremy is most likely being promised a share of the take from Team Bradwin's entourage to stay on message. If he goes off the reservation he is on his own and they will "pin it" all on him.

Someone needs to outbid them for him to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

JoAnn said...

I would have a are time shrugging off anything that might be a clue in my baby's "kidnapping." How could she possibly know the dumpster fire was unimportant (a real kidnapper could have burned something related to the case), unless she knows exactly what is important in this case?

JoAnn said...

oops, a hard time, that is. typing poorly due to outrage

Vitak said...

Bradley also spoke about how she discovered that she had failed a polygraph test administered by a police officer.

"He said, 'You failed.' And I said, 'Failed what? What question did I fail?' And he said, 'You failed the one where, you know, where your daughter's at,'" Bradley recalled. "And I said, 'That's not possible. I don't know where she's at.' And I just proceeded to come unglued."

Bradley said she would have no problem taking another polygraph test and maintains that she had nothing to do with Lisa's disappearance, even though the investigation and the public have fixated on her.

"I know I have absolutely nothing to do with my daughter's disappearance," Bradley said. "I still understand they're doing their job. It's not personal, but it doesn't make me feel any better about it."
" A B S O L U T E L Y" - the word that should, have a 2nd Definition added to Webster's dictionary defined: "Scam" Anthony
Jail house tapes, from my memory
Casey: Mom
Cindy: What?
Casey: I saw your little cameo on the news just now?
Cindy: What do you mean my Cameo?
Casey, I have done lot's of interviews ..
Cindy: Casey, Sweetheart, are you blaming me that your in jail right now, if you would have only told the truth.. and told us where she's at..
Casey: MOM, No, what do you mean you do not know what my involvement is, If I knew where she was at, are you effen kidding me, OH my gawd calling you was a WASTE a Total Waste...
WE Remember

Justice for Lisa?

Anonymous said...

If DB doesn't want to give any time and energy to the fact that she was "allegedly" drunk then why is she? It appears that both DB and JI are in cover up mode. JI's meek, mild and total self control persona is rooting in some people(s) minds? She the bully, he the victim of sorts. Right? The poor gent had to have his Sister speak for the family and what not and such.
I may have missed it, Did anyone else hear either DB or JI beg for the "alleged" stranger abductor to return their baby?
For not wanting the focus to be on her (them) they sure in the heck made certain that it is.

Anonymous said...

wild bill does like those network blondes. He has been busy for his clients. yech

JoAnn said...

I agree, Anon, the interviews of late are all bout mom and dad (mostly mom) - not much about the missing, endangered baby. Haven't heard a plea for return in a while, since someone said to please Lisa home "if" they "found her sitting on a park bench" &*&% so they could collect the reward. Sick making.

JoAnn said...

Obviously releasing videos of Lisa as an infant are not helpful in locating the missing - recent photos are vital. The videos are another attempt to garner sympathy for mom and to portray a loving, devoted relationship. What are these parents doing in a concrete way to help find this baby. Wouldn't you be out beating the bushes?

VLW said...

"DB: They said they heard noises. But I don't know if that was before um, we went to sleep or after. I have not sat down and talked to them about it. Specifically to not have to put them through anything else."

EXCUSE ME???? You claim your daughter has been kidnapped; she may be suffering abuse, starvation, or worse, not to mention loneliness, fear, and confusion at being parted from her family and home, and you're more worried about putting your boys through the stress of a CONVERSATION that might shed light on what happened than you are about your missing child's welfare???? This stinks to high heaven!

JoAnn said...

She just admitted the POSSIBILITY OF HAVING A BLACKOUT to Megan Kelly on Fox. More later... wow

JoAnn said...

Megan Kelly asks DB is she was drunk and she said yes. (after snarky comments about what people were thinking about her). SHe said she "didn't think" she was slurring her speech or stumbling. Megan asked if it was possible that she blacked out, and she said she guess it was possible. What???

JoAnn said...

Apologizing across the board for the typos, no excuse!

Anonymous said...

I believe LE has this case solid!

Nobody comes forward from JI employment speaking on his behalf. To confirm or deny his work schedule that evening.

No neighbor has come forward agreeing they had drinks together and the kids watched movies, or not.

No brother has come forward and said yes we went to the store, we do this often, it was my wine blah blah

No babysitter has come forward and said I watched the kids that day, or previous days or any days.

No friend of DB has come forward to share her belief in DB


The public has got to stop coddling, coaching and paying top $ to these sick, disturbed, twisted and cold parent murderers.

With the anger the general public shares toward the scamathys - YOU DEBORAH will likely pay the price for both of these darling children. It's a copy cat case if I've ever seen one!

JoAnn said...

To be fair, we don't really know what LE has learned about JI and his work schedule, or by speaking with DB's brother (and I assure you they have), or the neighbors, babysitters, etc. We are hearing nothing from LE, which I guess speaks for itself. If police wanted the public to help find this kidnapped baby, they would be asking people to be on the lookout, and wouldn't the FBI be involved by now perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Right Joann. Why is he making this a case about himself, tv appearances and reward $$? A whodunit with his threat assessment friend in tow? Nice.
Who is the threat?
Why the phoney baloney?

His client is the truth. Baby Lisa be damned?

Is Baby Lisa merely a casualty to him?

(I'll just read from now on.)

Marie said...

I have just recently started following this site and it's been a real eye opener. Great insight and thoughtful comments.

Watched the Today Show interview and was very disappointed that they didn't show more. WOW - she looks and sounds even more guilty than before. I thought her drinking was an issue before this interview and this confirmed it for me. How can she possibly say that drinking, or getting drunk, does't change a person to the extent that they can do something harmful or out of character? She has alcoholism in her family, she knows what it does to people. I know firsthand what it can do. For some people, after they have a certain amount in their system, it's like a switch goes off in their brain they become a different person, not one you want to be around, and very capable of violence. Hours later they have little memory of what they did. I think she hurt her beautiful baby and her husband knows it.

JoAnn said...

I agree, Marie. Wouldn't you expect the adult child of an alcoholic to have just a teeny bit of insight into what alcohol can do to a person? Personality changes, etc. She would have to be an idiot to say she doesn't believe alcohol can "change a person that much." The fact that she is minimizing the potential damage of alcohol speaks volumes.

JoAnn said...

I also just read an ABC news story that says JI has "filled in" the timeline a bit, saying he came home, woke up his wife, AND THEY CHATTED A WHILE, before discovering missing baby TOGETHER. He woke her up, and asked her what was going on? Lights on, window askew, door unlocked, and she supposedly sat up suddenly, knowing something was wrong. This couple and their interviews - complete train wreck. Lawyer will shut them up right away.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I just got chills... Megan Kelly states that the family claims they could not make calls from the cell phones because they did not pay the bill. Did DB not state that they couldn't call 911 because they stole the phones?!? "and I said call 911, call 911, and he said where are the phones? And they weren't on the counter where I left them. They were gone."


Vitak said...

KMBC's Brenda Washington reports that police and the FBI have shut down the block where Jeremy Irwin's relatives live.
by Karen Yancey 11:43 AM

The Irwin family is expected to make a statement today at 2:30 p.m. will carry that live.
by Karen Yancey 10:53 AM

Read more:

Should we take bets on who will represent the family in this STATEMENT ? Will it be a "suit and tie" or Jeremy's sister?
Anyone still looking for Baby Lisa?
Oh ..that's right, this is not about Baby Lisa any longer. It's about Deborah. It's the SAVE Deborah Campaign. Casey...

I am flaming ticked off right now.
I am sure that this feeling is resonating across the Nation.
Now that the "parents" of Baby Lisa Irwin have left the building, I guess no need, for them, to continue to ask for help in finding her.

As they begged for how many days, spread the lies, Deborah screaming her Ruse to the world. She was taken by a stranger!!

Is Baby Lisa going to be the next child diluted to a photo, a home video and a memory? by her own family. Her face " Lisa Renee Irwin" is on this website for a reason: National Center for "Missing and Exploited" Children

HOW Does Deborah Bradley feel the Nation should react at this point??? Talk about tainting the jury pool..
We've been here and done this already. Once the Court is involved what's next? Will they too ask for change of Venue?
-- Mars is still available.

A.Leigh said...

"Soon, the story will be that there was no baby Lisa." ~ my boyfriend's comment in an attempt to calm my fury after watching Baby Lisa's parents' interviews this morning. It's really sad, y'all. DB definitely reminds me of Terri Horman now, though. This situation is even more disturbing to me after learning that DB admitted to closely following the cases of other missing children in the news.

Peter, I am the "Anonymous" you asked to pick a name yesterday. We discussed how DB and JI seem to have "groupies and/or fans" all over Facebook already, and that I had been viciously attacked several times for voicing my doubts about Baby Lisa's parents' story from the very beginning, and pointing out where I thought they were lying every time they changed their stories. I was wondering if you could speak about this "phenomenon" a little more. I don't understand the ability and/or desire that some people have to become obsessed with defending what appears more and more to be the indefensible. Also, how believable is JI's first statement about there never being any question in his mind about whether or not DB could've accidentally hurt Baby Lisa . I love and trust my boyfriend, but if my son disappeared, he was the last to see him, and he failed a polygraph test, I'd have some questions. I'd demand that he find some way to clear himself immediately. There would be ALOT of stress in our relationship. Wouldn't that be normal? The same goes for my son's father. I know the same would go for me too. Both my boyfriend and my son's father would have some questions under those circumstances, especially if they knew that I had been under the influence of alcohol or claimed not to remember what happened at all.

crwofter1 said...


Just seen this on Twitter

starmonkie2 star monkie
Police MUST have a Warrent they are searching Baby Lisa Irwins HOME with a BACKHOE

JoAnn said...

Is it true that when the cell phone company cuts off your service for non-payment, you will still have ability to call 911? Seems like I hear that somewhere, if not, I apologize, made it up in my own head. Wouldn't be the first time.

Anonymous said...

Nashteach said...
Jeremy says she "sleeps with the fan on high" not that the fan WAS on high that night.

Mon Oct 17, 10:53:00 AM EDT

AND Jeremy doesn't say "WE sleep with the fan on high". Remember, this was the first night Jeremy worked at night.

crwofter1 said...

sarahjclark sarahjclark
by CaseSignal
FOX 4's @Katie_Ferrell is at the scene were FBI agents and canines are searching Irwin-Bradley family home.
15 minutes ago

JoAnn said...

Finally LE at irwin home with dogs. Parents' relatives home where they've been staying. Is that Lisa's brother's home?

'gum said...

911 always works if the phone is charged and on.

crwofter1 said...

Looks like LE knows what Peter has said all along. Monster Mom has been deceptive, and I am praying they find Baby Lisa, and put her away. Lying Witch!with a "B"

Anonymous said...

You are probably right about the 911 calls working but I would assume that if they are accustomed to using another phone to make outgoing calls that their first instinct would be to look for that phone. Thank you for that reminder though :)


crwofter1 said...

WOW KMBC's Brenda Washington reports that police and the FBI have shut down the block where Jeremy Irwin's relatives live.SHUT DOWN!

JoAnn said...

Finally something makes sense. I have been bothered crazy about why these parents would leave the only home their baby has ever known and stay someplace else. Maybe, like many criminals, they only feel safe staying right on top of where the body is, literally, buried.

Anonymous said...

It looks like statement analyzing is right on target. New here. I came for this case. You guys weren't afraid to say she was lying from the beginning. Please help me learn.

crwofter1 said...

Investigators searching creek bed near Lisa Irwin's home

Read more:

Rachael said...

Very disturbing regarding comment " I don't think that alcohol changes a person enough to do something like that." Ok Deb are you telling us that there is no justifiable reason like an accident/negligence due to drinking/ etc.? She is basically inferring here that alcohol is not the excuse, therefore something evil happened (in my interpretation) Also if there were other substances involved i doubt pot would cause somethign like this..even alcholo is more deadly and instigating then pot. if there was something else it was probably something volitile like meth

Rachael said...

And just wanted to add I'm not saying negligence by alcohol is EVER justifiable.. just more that alcohol wasn't the reason, she is inferring something more happened.

dadgum said...

kmbc live copter...over a creek

dadgum said...

pumping out creek..backnoe on site 12:26pm

khintx said...

I'm a bit confused: She bought a box of wine at around 5:00 PM, traveled back home, gave Lisa a bath and "put her to sleep" at arund 6:30 PM and was already black-out drunk by then?


PS: I am leaning toward baby Lisa maybe drowning in the tub if mom was so impaired? I find it hard to believe Debbie could be that drunk in that short a time. Was she drinking earlier in the day?

Upple said...

Good point Tish. Iam just catching up on news. Why has she not been arrested?

Kit Kat said...

Joann, think ur right about parents moving to different location in order to keep eye on "grave"? A recent example of that is CA leaving Caylee in a swamp 2 minutes from home. why would parents leave last place baby Lisa was seen other than knowledge that baby is no longer alive and therefore won't be returned. Grief or depression can shut down ones body where u r physically afraid to leave the home just in case u miss a phone call, letter in mailbox, or doorbell ring from the "kidnapper". So sad... hope they find Lisa soon in order to figure out exactly how she died.

Anonymous said...

I agree with JoAnn. Why did DB say they will never live in the house again (not a direct quote) if the baby were really kidnapped from there. Or at least why would she say that so soon? After some time a person might not be able to face the sweet memories of their missing baby. But within a few days?

She WOULD want to leave right away if something violent or sinister happened there.

khintx said...

Live chopper link: Search today


Lemon said...

Expect Deborah to claim blackout due to alcohol and she doesn't remember anything.
Hence the "misrememberings" and inconsistencies in the timeline and an answer for everything.
Because she just doesn't remember, you see.

It will all be fuzzy, she panicked, she didn't want to lose Jeremy, kids etc. (Sob.)
She was scared, so scared. Really. (Sob.)
Lisa drowned in the pool/creek/pond, Honestly she'll say. (Sob. Sob.)

Its not her fault she wasn't herself. (Sob)
She's a victim of (fill in the blank).

Lisa? Lisa who?

JoAnn said...

Yes, KitKat and Anon, if the baby was truly kidnapped from that home, I believe a parent's instinct would be to stay put (don't change, home, phone number, or anything). However, if something terrible happened there, the instinct might be to run away from the memory. And history shows us that if a criminal can "watch over" the body or evidence, it reduces anxiety.

crwofter1 said...

FBI: Searching Baby’s Relatives Property

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if perhaps DB and her neighbor drank wine, got drunk, and perhaps had a sexual encounter (DB has referred to the neighbor as being female).

Also, I found DB's comment about how 'blackouts' or 'forgeting what happened' after drinking happens to 'everyone'. As a recovering alcoholic, I used to think the same thing. But that was because *I was drinking to blackout - that was *my* normal. It is not, however, 'normal' for people who don't abuse alcohol. IMO.

JoAnn said...

Megan Kelly's full interview at 1pm on Fox. Just showed a snippet where DB admits she drank more than 5 glasses of wine, but not 10. Admitted she "may have blacked out" A little too convenient for my comfort.

JoAnn said...

Yep, Lemon, am fully expecting the blackout defense to follow a fake drowning story. Casey light?

crwofter1 said...

Is there two searches going on?

JoAnn said...

I'm only surprised that DB isn't waiting until trial to admit drinking, blackout, etc. I thought she was studying the Casey Anthony school of just keep lying, no matter what they say or find. Never stop lying, hire some professional liars to bolster your lies, and you will walk free and make a fortune.

James Peinkofer said...

Being intoxicated is now a good cover in response to the recently found surveillance video. Being intoxicated is a good cover for changing the time of when Deborah last checked on Lisa. It's a vicious cycle.

She continues to remain deceptive in her comments during the interview. Jeremy continues to keep his emotions in check - he does not show facial expressions for fear of giving away the truth. Deborah, on the other hand, is showing micro facial expressions left and right.

I expect her to be arrested sometime soon after tomorrow's grand jury .

James Peinkofer, LCSW
Peinkofer Associates

Anonymous said...

I am worried about the two other children in the Bradley/Irwin family. If they witnessed or heard something the night Lisa went missing, if they actually know DB hurt or killed Lisa, they must be very scared now.

I hope DB and/or JI confesses soon, or are arrested, for the boy's sakes too. They need to be removed ASAP from this dangerous family environment.

beccaboo said...

As the child of an alcoholic I call BS on Debbie. Alcohol does change what you are capable of doing! My father was not violent or scary sober. A few Jack Daniels and water and suddenly he was. Blackouts are not normal. Most people don't drink to that point.

crwofter1 said...

Thank you Mr. Peinkofer for your Professional Opinion, I am Praying that your right about an arrest.

khintx said... her sneak peek---megyn kelly also mentions the cell phones.

--the family says those were under restricted service
--they hadn’t paid their bill, so weren’t allowed to make outgoing calls.
--they believe the police aren't being truthful about the alleged 2:30 a.m. call since the phone couldn't make an outgoing call.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The plot thickens....... Debbie was busy reprogramming now stolen phones that had no service anyway? kh

crwofter1 said...

Another live feed that shows a great view

Vitak said...

Deborah talks about strength and energy needs to be conserved to find BABY LISA- cough.

Well she should be tired by doing """" HOW MANY??"" Interviews over the Weekend???

Well lets see, she sat down with Peter Alexander NBC
Abrams - ABC
and Megyn Kelly FOX - (2hours)

Link to Abrams Interview:

Link to Megyn Kelly Interviews:

JoAnn said...

SO now we know she was also taking anxiety Rx meds. Oh please

JoAnn said...

I hate the way they string out these interviews. Over the next 2 hours, Megan Kelly's interview will be revealed i.e. the polygraph fail, who was watching the kids while she bought wine, etc. Come on, just tell us!

Anonymous said...

This statement alarms me:
"Oh, we're going to find her," mother Bradley said. "I have no doubt in my mind, we're going to find her."

JoAnn said...

DB says to Megan K that everyone knows when she drinks it just makes her "tired" and she has been known to simply go to bed without saying goodnight when people are over drinking and playing pool. That would be code for "passing out" IMO. And her drinking pattern? Drinking in excess a couple of times a week. With two young boys and a baby in the house? She says this quite defiantly, reminding me of Casey A.

Anonymous said...

Megen Kelly interview most revealing yet. Alibi building by mom...dads body language (look at his eyes) says he does believe that mom is guilty. Mom even laughing at questions now. The waterworks have ceased now that the cat is out if the bag.

Paula said...

I've been following this case since it started and from the very beginning I felt that she was drunk, passed out and she smothered her child because she was too drunk to notice either rolling over or falling asleep on her baby. Had she been truthful in the first place about being drunk, it possibly would have been considered an accident. But now that she's lied time and again, when they do find Lisa, it's not going to fare well for DB.

Anonymous said...

This is a little different than bullying the teenager at the hamburger joint into giving you another free meal. And it's different than stealing from your neighbors and displaying your trophies in front of them. And worse than the drug charges she just finished probation for. Did she think that susan smith got off free, that misty croslin and ronald got off free? Did she think that by enlisting her entire extended family that she would get off free like Caylee's mother? Did her entire extended family get bullied into thinking they too would get a share of the sure-to-come sympathy riches? I can only hope and pray that LE there is doing good, good work.

crwofter1 said...

She could have been on Xanax, and given that to the Baby to put her back to sleep to get back to partying. Also, she may have given it to the boys, and with their body weights they tolerated the drug. That's what I think happened.

Nanna Frances said...

The night was chilly--in the 40's when Lisa disappeared. Was the ceiling fan on?

Kit Kat said...

another blogger noticed D's cross and makeover in the Megan Kelly interview which I saw her also wearing the "Lisa Pin"and yellow ribbon. Interesting, however I noticed that Jeremy is not wearing pin or ribbon? What's next tshirt with 800 number for the newly organized fund and upcoming stint on Dr Phil? I would expect any day that the scamthony's will come up with another publicity seeking "breaking news" item to get themselves off the back burner since Lisa went missing.

Maire said...

Is DB even capable of telling the truth? I guess it shouldn't surprise me that their story has changed regarding so many important facts like:

the timeline
when she put Lisa to "sleep"
what JI did when he got home
the cell phones being stolen

They have had so much time to get their story straight and yet all these changes. Not to seem rude, but is she just not very bright?

I didn't believe them from the first interview I saw. None of it rang true. In these latest interviews, where are their pleas for their loved missing baby Lisa???

Anonymous said...

@ Maire:

If Deborah's mother was an alcoholic and was drinking during pregnancy, it may have affected Deborah's intelligence level. She may have some sort of brain damage due to exposure to alcohol in her mother's womb.

khintx said...

SantinaLeuciSantina Leuci
by CaseSignal
What is happening at the parents of #BabyLisa's house? Attorney Joe Tacopina just showed up.


Enter the high profile criminal defense attorney.


C5H11ONO said...

It's hard to remember your lies...

Here they indicate that Jeremy did not check in Lisa’s room, until after going into Deborah’s room to ask her about the lights. He indicated that Deborah was awake.
Irwin said when he came home that night the lights were on, the front door was unlocked and the window in Lisa's bedroom was open. He told "Good Morning America" that Deborah was awake in bed and the couple didn't know Lisa was gone until he went to her room.

Here they indicate that Jeremy checked on Lisa, but she was not in her crib and went into Deborah’s room to ask her about it.
Bradley said she woke up when Irwin came home from work. He had checked on Lisa, but she was not in her crib.
"I said, 'What do you mean she is not in her crib?'" Bradley said. "I just knew, you know, that something was really wrong. We ran around the house and screaming for her, but she was nowhere."

Here Jeremy Irwin says he checked on the boys room first then went into Lisa’s room. Only to use plural we to realize Lisa was gone.
Jeremy Irwin described the panic that ensued when he returned home early Tuesday.
“When I came home from work, the front door was unlocked, most of the lights were on in the house and the window in the front was open,” Lisa's father, Jeremy Irwin said, saying that was all very unusual.
He checked on the couple’s other children, boys ages 6 and 8, and then went into Lisa’s room.
“That’s when we realized she was gone,” he said.

khintx said...

@ anonymous 1:29

I am an adult child of alcoholics and went to ALANON for many years as an adult to help me understand how/why this has effected me and to help me understand some of my own behaviors and learn better ways of coping. Just sayin. kh

khintx said...

PS: Alcoholism truly is a famiy disease.


Vitak said...

posted on Val Halls, site Hinky Meter - Hi KH

SantinaLeuciSantina Leuci
by CaseSignal
What is happening at the parents of #BabyLisa's house? Attorney Joe Tacopina just showed up.

“Mr. Tacopina is to the defense bar what Donald Trump is to real estate.”
—New York Times

“Joe Tacopina, defense attorney... one of the best.”
—Matt Lauer, Today Show

“[Tacopina] ranks among a group of top criminal defense lawyers”
—The Wall Street Journal

“Elevated to the upper level of prominence”
—USA Today

“One of New York’s fiercest defenders”
—NY Daily News

“Top-shelf, high powered litigator”
—New York Post

“High profile, high powered New York defense attorney”
—ABC Primetime

“One of the great defense attorneys of all time.”
—Sean Hannity, Fox News

A.Leigh said...

Wow, DB just can't seem to get enough publicity. Here's an interview from People Mag.: " 'I had several glasses of wine,' Bradley told PEOPLE. More than five? 'Probably.' Asked if she was concerned she might be drunk with her infant daughter inside, Bradley replied, 'She was sleeping. I don't have a problem with me having adult time.'

Her friend left for home about 10:30 p.m., and later told Bradley that she saw the lights in the house go dark. But Bradley herself can't say if she turned off those lights, or whether they may have been flipped on by an intruder whom she believes entered her home through the open front window and took her child.

'I firmly do not believe that somebody took my baby to hurt her,' says Bradley. 'They really wanted that baby. That's the hope that keeps me going. She's still alive somewhere.'

She adds: 'People are going to think what they think. Those people that are out there judging me, please, just look for her.'",,20537543,00.html

JoAnn said...

Police removed bags of evidence from the neighbor's home (drinking buddy) asked media not to take pictures. Fox alert

Juli Henry said...

Question: Why can't you say she was drunk? She admits to drinking that evening, and alcohol is mind-altering; very functional alcoholics drink a lot more than she probably drinks, with no problem functioning, and it's ok to say they are "drunk"; why can't we say DB was drunk? It may not have had a whole lot to do with her daughter's disappearance, but most of the parents I know, including myself, have found it easier to protect and nurture our children without drinking. It's also easier to stay awake during a home invasion while sober......if a home invasion is really what happened. Just sayin'........

A.Leigh said...

Whoops, see if this link will work.,,20537543,00.

JoAnn said...

You said it, Khintx - addiction is a family disease in every way. My heart goes out to you, many hugs.

anonymous no more said...

If Tacopina is your attorney, your handler is Wild Bill, you have a terrorist control expert on scene, and all of those aforementioned have their assistants, say, deborah/susan/misty, exactly how are you going to end up with any $$$$ at all?

JoAnn said...

DB saying there is no problem with her having "adult time" while her baby is sleeping inside makes my blood boil. Her sick, cranky, coughing baby. Are you kidding? Call yourself a good mother one more time. And to JI, your standards are way too low, buddy.

crwofter1 said...

Just seen on TV (Fox News) That LE has Canine dogs going into Neighbors house that Debra was drinking with that night, and bags have been removed from his house, and LE won't let Media Photograph. Also LE taking dogs back to Debra's house for more scent then back to neighbors again for more evidence.

CEC said...

Blogger JoAnn said...

DB saying there is no problem with her having "adult time" while her baby is sleeping inside makes my blood boil. Her sick, cranky, coughing baby. Are you kidding? Call yourself a good mother one more time. And to JI, your standards are way too low, buddy.
I agree! Most of us wouldn't even hire a competent sitter to go have "adult time" while our baby was sick, let alone check responsible parenting at the door and go on a bender.

crwofter1 said...

FBI Searching Home of Irwin Neighbor for Clues in Baby Lisa Case

CEC said...

Quote from DB:

"I firmly do not believe that somebody took my baby to hurt her,' says Bradley. 'They really wanted that baby. That's the hope that keeps me going. She's still alive somewhere."
Does that seem a wee bit (well okay, a lot) contradictory to you? She says someone took her baby to hurt her, yet she's hoping she's still alive...somewhere.

CEC said...

Oh, and the distancing language DB uses...THAT baby, not MY baby!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the summary C5H11ONO. It's hard for most of us to remember all of the lies.

Rachael said...

I think she was trying to make the point that if someone took Lisa, they didn't want to hurt her, but yes the THAT baby comment is very irritating. reminds me of cujo casey anthony refering to caylee as that little girl all of the time. And the timeline makes no sense. Deb put Lisa to bed at 6:40 pm, pretty early, yet planned on getting drunk, even though Lisa would likely be up very early the next day close to 5:30/6:00 am at the latest probably.
I'm a mother of a toddler and I've rarely drank when my daughter is in my care, (sleeping). At the most ive had a couple drinks while she was sleeping. Her adult time comment sounds very defensive and selfish. she must feel the need to defend herself.

JoAnn said...

Really, DB? She just told Megan Kelly in the interview "It's not about clearing my name." Oh, please, that is EXACTLY what this round of media visits is all about. Gag me with a spoon, this mother makes me furious.

Upple said...

She was drunk, tired, busy, selfish n wanted to be left alone. That poor little baby was sick n put down at freaking 6:30?? Pisses me off!!! She prob cried n cried until J left n D had enough. That B+€¥#€•<¥!!!!!!

Marie said...

@ khintx
My heart goes out to you. Be proud that you have taken the time, and have done the difficult work to understand how such a devasting addiction can effect you. That is the only way the cycle will ever change.

khintx said...

"The Irwin family is expected to make a statement at 2:30 p.m. Monday. Watch it live on "

2:30 PM (P, M, C OR E Standard Time)


JoAnn said...

There are clues everywhere, in everything this mother says, that she was a young mother not coping well. She felt the need to drink (heavily) "a couple of times a week," took a prescription anti anxiety med, needed "adult time," and mentions that her baby was "cranky." Her desire to be in the spotlight is going to bite her in the &** in a trial, which is sure to come.

Anonymous said...

She is getting bold and brazen now that she is sobering up. She is smirking at some of the questions and the tears are practically gone now that the cat is out of the bag. Most revealing interview to date imo.

JO said...

'I firmly do not believe that somebody took my baby to hurt her,' says Bradley. 'They really wanted that baby. That's the hope that keeps me going. She's still alive somewhere.'

I think this statement is self assuring to Deborah that she did not intend to hurt Lisa, she really wanted her baby. She is still alive somewhere - heaven. These are self soothing comments she is making to herself and proactively preparing others to reduce the hatred toward her when the whole story comes out. She wants the public to know she didn't intend to hurt Lisa.

Anonymous said...

2:30 fox coverage? That only means more wild bill look-at-me double talk while Tacopina shuffles feet nearby. A press conference about the family maybe. With? Don't think so.

CEC said...

Oops, that's what I get for trying to keep up with this on a crazy day. Looks like I read DB's quote incorrectly.

Anonymous said...

This mother is sooo far from believable. I'll bet she gloats like c scamthony when she gets handcuffs. The mother and father still get script with Megan's questions to prepare for, right?

crwofter1 said...

My sentiments Upple.

rkg said...

JoAnn said...
6:40 does seem like an early bedtime for a 10 month old baby. Wonder if the two boys had already had their supper at that time? If DB truly put that baby to bed at 6:40, and didn't see or hear from her again until hubby wakes her up at 4 a.m.- that is nine and a half hours!!!! Good grief, mothers have internal alarms that go off when they realize time has passed without seeing or hearing a baby cry. Surely she would have to be stone drunk, passed out to be unaware of that many hours gone by without hearing Lisa!!!

Mon Oct 17, 10:06:00 AM EDT

JoAnn - I respectfully disagree with the first part of your statement here. When my children were sick as infants, I could expect them to be ready for bed even as early as 4:30. Of course, they'd be up and down some during the night, but when babies are sick, they're super-sleepy (compounded by Dimetapp, usually, to keep their noses unclogged), and will tend to hit the bed early.

Now...for a healthy baby, you're exactly right - I would think 4:30 would be extremely early.

I also fully agree that it would take more than alcohol to render a mom THAT unaware. Here is my own point of reference:
I don't drink, and neither does my boyfriend. But, one night, a couple of years ago, we decided to buy some drinks and bring them home (for after the kids were asleep). -ASIDE: Gosh, I feel like a horrible mom for even having that stuff in the same house with my kids!- Well, after two and a half, I was having a hard time seeing straight (having never been a drinker at all, my tolerance is miniscule). We were watching a hilarious movie, and laughing constantly (and it was summer, so I'll just bet the fan was on, too), but even with all that, I heard every single noise my youngest made, and went to check on her every time. Alcohol heightens emotions and personality traits, for sure. My natural personality has always been mom-like (in high school, I was voted "Most Likely to Turn Into June Cleaver"), and my greatest ambition in this world has always been to be a good mother. SO...those things did not "shut off" just because I had a couple drinks; in fact, I was aware that I was impaired, so my natural mental response, I suppose, was to amp up the mom instinct so as not to miss anything.

A mom, like you say, JoAnn, KNOWS. Those internal alarms go off STILL, even though my youngest is 8 years old! If she's playing and I haven't heard a sound in a while, my instinct tells me to call her name, and say, "Hi! Just checking on you!" That instinct was even more sensitive when she was a baby, or anytime she's been sick.

I suspect, like many others here, that the "open window" may have had to do with Debbie (and possibly her friend) smoking some "substance" and attempting to keep the smell out of the house. Jeremy may be intolerant of such things around his children, and Debbie would want to keep him from smelling stuff when he comes home. I have zero point of reference when it comes to smoking anything besides meat on a grill, so I can't really speak to what THAT does to one's behavior. But, I've heard that+alcohol is a pretty not-great situation.

Also, if Jeremy is intolerant of those things being in the home with the kids, I would think it would be unlikely to go over well with him if, say, one of the kids died because Mom was drunk and high. I kind of think he's keeping his mouth shut right now because he fears CPS. Even if he doesn't condone that behavior, he may be fearful that all CPS would see is, "Dad lets girlfriend & son move in; girlfriend has nasty habits around kids; now one baby is dead...maybe Dad doesn't need kids with those decision-making skills." He may also fear losing Debbie's son - he may fear sending her son to be raised by just her and her family. He may be trying hard to protect BOTH boys here.

crwofter1 said...

Day 14 Brings New Searches For Baby Lisa

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Jeremy has no alternatives but to ditch her, his only question is whether to take her husbands son with him as well. If he can. That's a big one right now.

rkg said...

JoAnn said...
DB saying there is no problem with her having "adult time" while her baby is sleeping inside makes my blood boil. Her sick, cranky, coughing baby. Are you kidding? Call yourself a good mother one more time. And to JI, your standards are way too low, buddy.
Mon Oct 17, 01:43:00 PM EDT
YEP. Exactly. All of it - I agree 100%.

crwofter1 said...

Just seen on Fox News (TV) Megan Kelly is going to discuss Lisa case With Judge Jeanine, and Pat Brown in 5 min.

rkg said...

Vitak, I never cease to be amazed at your insights. Are you an investigator? If not, have you considered the profession? You're awesome! :)

crwofter1 said...

Megan also said Parent gave permission for home to be searched, no warrant. DB and JI cooperating.

JoAnn said...

@rkg: Really enjoyed your perspective on this. It's been 25 years since my "baby" so I'm relying only on hazy memory. lol And you see how you feel guilty for even having alcohol in your home with children and are real up front about it - That's what you expect to hear from a good mother with nothing to hide. DB's defensiveness is concerning, even her remark about having "adult time" is a defensive one. Like you say, rkg, a mother's instinct and internal alarm never shuts off, even when your "baby" is 26 years old.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry this is a little off topic. The Starbucks Jeremy was at that night is very close to my house. It does not close until 12 midnight unless they closed earlier because of the remodel.

Hobnob said...

More and more the conclusion Vitak and i reached is looking correct.
Mom was p155ed as a fart anf it happened in the computer room.
I would suggest police luminol the computer room and also take a cadaver dog in. As she was so drunk i can't see how she would be physically or emotionally in a state to dispose of the body in under 90 mins thus allowing time for cadaverine to develop.
Since there was a report of a man seen carrying a diapered baby around midnight why has no efit been issued or he come forward.

10:30pm seems to be a sensitive time if death occured then as implied by the 'neighbor leaving' that gives time for cadaverine to develop.
If it was earlier even better , stronger smell. The computer room is sensitive to her as when asked about the front door she goes off on a tangent and talks about the room meaning it was on her mind.
I wonder if Lisa lay there whilst mom dealt with the boys. They may even have been told to stay out of the computer room because...
If, as seems likely mom was drunk then unless she admits she is an alkie and uses that in mitigation she is facing serious time not only for murder but i will bet they will file child neglect charges regarding the sons.
it is going to get very messy. her family will support her( they don't want to be tarnished with her guilt) Jeremy will use this time to decide if h wants both oys or just his son ( and it also depends on his involvement, he may face charges of neglect as well as bening an acccessory)

Upple said...

Thank you rkg. Poor thing was SICK N SHE PUT HER IN HER CRIB FOR THE NIGHT AT 6:30!!! Who freaking does that?? My son is 13. I knew the night he was born i was not going to have "adult" time for the next 20 years. Iam getting angry now.

Vitak said...

Bradley told "Today" she drank enough to be drunk later that day, but she insisted her drinking does not mean she somehow hurt her daughter.
"If I thought there was a chance, I'd say it," Bradley said. "I don't think that alcohol changes a person enough to do something like that."

Bradley said on Fox's America Live with Megyn Kelly that she "probably" had more than five glasses of wine that night, and it's possible she blacked out.

"It's a possibility," said Bradley. "Just like anybody else when you drink, you don't remember the things that happened."

When Kelly noted some people might have an issue with someone getting drunk while caring for children, Bradley said, "She was sleeping. I don't see the problem with me having my grown-up time."

Bradley previously said she last saw Lisa when she put her to bed in her crib at 10:30 pm on October 3, but told "Today" she last saw her at 6:40 p.m.

Irwin told both network news shows he did not think Deborah had anything to do with Lisa's disappearance. "There's no question to be had there," Irwin told "Today," adding "I know the kind of mother she is, and I know what kind of person she is in general."

Irwin said when he came home that night the lights were on, the front door was unlocked and the window in Lisa's bedroom was open. He told "Good Morning America" that Deborah was awake in bed and the couple didn't know Lisa was gone until he went to her room.
Remember the words of " Wild Bill" that it was not in the best interest of the family to speak with LOCAL Media because " This is their PERSONAL life" - Now DB/JI are on a network BLITZ. Have in any of these interviews created during the weekend of 10/16/2011 - Has Deborah said Lisa's name once?
Has Jeremy said Lisa's name once? Have either parent offered any information on the Search, how it is going, what direction it is headed- NO. Mentioned Local LE. No. Was the once Mystery Stranger " Homeless guy" a red herring ?

Defiance ? DB: I don't see the problem with me having my grown-up time.
Jeremy is said normally to arrive home around 5pm. This night in question he worked until 3-4am. JI left for work and DB was ready to throw Down? She is telling the world she was DRUNK. But it has nothing to do with Lisa's missing. Now she is acting like a spoiled teenager caught after denting Dad's car - I don't see "THE" problem with me having "my grown up time". This is a bold defiance statement. She is a MOTHER first, she that night supposedly had Lisa 10 mos old, 6yr old, 8yr old in her custody and care -Alone.
She defending herself cannot see THE problem with *Being irresponsible, NO JI to babysit her - so she got " DRUNK" and it is HER right is to have " Grown up time" reason: Baby Lisa was sleeping.
The Pirro interview blurb/not released yet??? from SAT Night, JI says to Pirro that he had a difficult time waking Deborah that night - Which is it? They sat and talked, then found Baby gone - he is not telling the truth.

JoAnn said...

Fox reports that LE has video from Starbux of Jeremy working that night. There is always the question of something happening prior to his going to work tho. And it does seem that DB becomes more defiant and snarky with progressive interviews - her answers are tinged with sarcasm and poorly concealed hostility IMO.

Anonymous said...

Did I miss the interview with Pat Brown on Fox?

khintx said...

Pics from today's search, including a bulldozer and draining a creek.


JoAnn said...

Pat Brown had a very short time along with Kimberly Guilfoyle (sp?) at the end of Megan K's 2 hr segment. She made a couple of comments about how psychopaths can fake-cry, and also said DB's tears and emotion could be because she knows her baby is dead.

rkg said...

khintx said...
DB "during interrogation, we found this they showed me burnt clothes ________
And yet a day or two ago Jeremy denied knowing anything about the dumpster fire and Debbie shrugged it off (she does that often) and said it was non related, unimportant.
Mon Oct 17, 11:08:00 AM EDT
That last part, about Debbie shrugging off the dumpster fire - after reading that, the VERY first thing that came to mind was how Casey "shrugged off" the news that a child's body was found in a park. The correlation is simple, right? As in, Casey KNEW that wasn't where poor Caylee's body was dumped. And, we all speculated that, if she didn't know where her child was, this news would send her into a grief-stricken panic to find out whose remains they were. Of course, we all later learned exactly why this news didn't upset her.

Hearing the news of a baby's burned clothing in a dumpster near her home would, logically, cause Debbie to fly into panic mode, complete with a flurry of questions, and a rush to LE to learn as much about this as possible, demanding to see the clothing found. Oh, wait...but only if she didn't already know the significance, or lack of significance, of LE's find.

Anonymous said...

Have the 2:30 press conference been done yet or was that central time?

JoAnn said...

Guessing the 2:30 statement from parents is a bit delayed due to police activity in their home, relative and neighbor's home. Rightly so.

JoAnn said...

Lawyer will have his work cut out for him. These people are runaway trains, blabbermouths.

Just Me said...

I think she sold Baby Lisa to someone that wanted a child. That person called HER on the cell phone at 2:30 (supposedly only outgoing calls were blocked) to say they were close by. She took the baby out of the house (reason dogs didn't bark) and handed her off down the street, along with the cell phones. Neighbor then saw that "man" walking with Baby Lisa. He was probably parked at the complex where it's easier to hide a car(where the dumpster fire was reported around 2:30)and burned her clothes (shown to DB by LE). I think she got drunk AFTER she got rid of the baby. A girl her size can handle a few glasses of wine (with the neighbor) without being drunk, especially if she drinks on a regular basis. She probably forgot to lock the door after she came back in, naturally turning the lights on in a dark house.
They had to have pretty bad financial problems if they couldn't pay their cell phone bill. I just can't decide if JI is in on it or not.

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