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Carnel Chamberlain's Physical Abuse

Did Jaimee Chamberlain contribute to the physical abuse of Carnel more than just failing to protect him?  Was she, herself, also physically abusive in the name of "discipline" or "making him into a grown man" at age 4?  
Did something happen to Carnel just before the mother left for work?
Does she know more about what happened to her son, Carnel, than she has led the public to believe?
Does she protect Anthony Bennett?
Was there a blow up in the home between her boyfriend, Anthony Bennett and her son, Carnel, of which she was witness to, yet still left Carnel with the boyfriend?
The following is Statement Analysis of Jaimee Chamberlain, the mother of murdered 4 year old Carnel Chamberlain.  Analysis is in bold type.  Where the color blue is added, it is the highest indicator of sensitivity.   
No statements have been edited. 
Missing 4-year-old Carnel Chamberlain found Under Wooden Porch
Aired June 29, 2012 - 20:00   ET

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There is breaking news in the search for missing 4- year-old Carnel Chamberlain. His body has reportedly just been found buried under a wooden porch at the family home, the body also reportedly found burned. Questions swirling. What led authorities back to the porch? Who killed an innocent 4-year-old boy with so much life to live? Tonight, friends and family want answers.

GRACE: Good evening. I`m Nancy Grace. I want to thank you for being with us.

Bombshell tonight, live, Michigan. A 4-year-old child goes missing when Mommy goes to work at her job as a waitress, the little boy, a toddler, reportedly last seen playing in his own back yard. There is an aboveground pool back there. He seemingly vanishes without a trace.

Now, how can that be? You look in the back yard. Your child is there. He`s a toddler. He can`t go far. You look again, and he`s gone. But Mommy doesn`t find out the baby is missing until she gets home from her job as a waitress.

Straight out to Andrew Keller joining us from WNEM TV. Andrew, what happened?

ANDREW KELLER, WNEM TV (via telephone): Nancy, you sound as puzzled as I am. Yes, you (INAUDIBLE) This mother, Jaimee Chamberlain, went to work as her job as a host. And she was coming home. She called her boyfriend to check on her kid. Her boyfriend says, He`s not here. The mother ends up calling the police, and today...

GRACE: Whoa! Wait! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Back it up, Keller. Boyfriend? Who`s the boyfriend?

KELLER: His name is Anthony Bennett. And he is...

GRACE: Anthony Bennett. So she leaves the baby with the boyfriend. OK. Andrew Keller joining me from WNEM TV-5. Andrew, is he a live-in boyfriend?

KELLER: He`s a live-in boyfriend. He was supposed to watch Carnel as Carnel`s mother was at work. Carnel was...

GRACE: OK -- hold on, Andrew. Let me just -- let me just take this very slowly. So Mommy goes to work. She`s apparently making the living. She`s got a live-in. Not judging. Don`t care who lives with who. So Andrew Keller, let me get this straight. Mommy leaves the boy, the 4-year-old, in the care of the boyfriend, right?

Note sudden departure of pronouns at: "not judging" and "don't care..." distancing language, lack of commitment to sentences. 

GRACE: You know, Jean, you know how much this is striking home for me. My children, my twins are 4, and by the time our program ends and I race home -- race -- home, you know, it`s 9:30, quarter of 10:00. You`re getting in after a long day of work, and what you look forward to is that child or those children. That`s why you race home. That`s why you work, to make a living for those children.

Joining me right now is a very special guest joining us exclusively. I`m hearing in my ear we have with us Jaimee Chamberlain. This is Carnel`s mother. Jaimee, thank you for being with us.


GRACE: Jaimee, tell me what -- when did you last see Carnel?

CHAMBERLAIN: I left work about 3:45 it's right up the street from where I live at.

The question is "when did you last see Carnel?" and the answer is what time she left for work.  The word "left" is sensitive.  70% of the time it is sensitive due to rushing, being late, traffic, etc, but 30% of the time there is missing information that is critical to the account.  Here there is missing information as the question is not directly answered.  This should be considered sensitive (30%) since she tells us how close work is to the home.  

It is likely that something happened just prior to her leaving work that is related to her son.  She does not use her son's name, nor reference seeing him.    

Since this indicates missing information at 3:45PM, we should look for linguistic indications that something was wrong before she left for work.  

GRACE: OK, and you work as a waitress, right?

CHAMBERLAIN: Yes, at Isabellas , at the casino.

GRACE: OK. So you`re working as a waitress. You last see him at 3:45, and at that time, Jaimee, what was he doing?

CHAMBERLAIN: When I left last time, he was laying in my back bedroom watching me get ready for work while he was watching cartoons. That`s the last time I seen him was when he was watching "Adventure Time"! That was the last time I seen him, when I left for work, he was in my bedroom, and everything was fine! And then I left. And then that`s why -- you know, I called him, and then that`s when I found out about everything going on

This is an extremely sensitive time for the subject as we note the cluster of sensitivity seen in the color coding blue.   Something happened during this time period and this is the missing information. 

Note that his body posture is added; showing tension. 
Note that the words "last time" are repeated. 
Note the repetition of "left" indicating missing information specifically about her son. 

Now notice the expression, "everything was fine" is a very strong indication that something was very very wrong.  

Note what comes between the two "lefts" as critical to the story.  Here she offers that "everything was fine" is offered, and not in the response to a direct question, "Was everything alright?"

That the boy was laying down, and that there is a high level of sensitivity attached to this time frame should cause investigators to learn what happened during this critical period of time. 

Please notice that she has the need to explain why she did something; very sensitive.  She said that she called him because of what happened at 3:45PM when everything was "fine."

If everything was fine at 3:45PM, why did she need to call him?

This is an indication that Jaimee Chamberlain is withholding information about her son and boyfriend that has to do with 3:45PM.   

GRACE: So he`s at home with your boyfriend. And you`ve known the boyfriend for about a year, getting close to a year now. Had there ever been any disputes or problems between your boyfriend, Anthony Bennett, and your little boy, Carnel?

This is a simple yes or no question: 

CHAMBERLAIN: The only thing that we recently started doing was, like, Anthony started, like, spanking him and started disciplining him. And we started putting him in the -- like, we`d been putting him a chair in the corner to discipline him. That`s the only thing that recently has been going on between him and Anthony that I know Carnel is upset about.

Anthony Bennett will likely fill in the missing information which will include the actions of Jaimee Chamberlain towards her son, Carnel.  

Note that in the "yes or no" question she begins with "the only thing", which is a strong indication that there are more incidents she is not revealing.  This is an example of deception via withholding information.  We will likely learn that there were more "things" that took place against Carnel.   

Note that pronouns don't lie.  There is a strong connection between the subject and her boyfriend as shown in the pronoun, "we" used repeatedly. 

Note the change of pronoun:  "we started; Anthony started..." indicates deception.  When she said "we started doing" and stopped herself, she was describing the discipline.  

This is a very strong indicator that she was part of the physical abuse. 

Since we know that Carnel was beaten and bruised on his rear end (the only thing she revealed) this suggests strongly:

 They were both beating the boy.

Now she closed with Carnel being upset.  Let's see if there is more linguistic evidence to connect the mother and boyfriend:  

GRACE: Well, OK, let me ask you this, Jaimee. What would set Anthony, the boyfriend, off? Why would he feel he had to discipline 4-year-old Carnel? What would Carnel do to make him feel he needed to be spanked?

CHAMBERLAIN: I don`t even know because even at times, I`d tell him -- I asked him, why is he disciplining him. And like, he`d tell him to go sit in the time-out chair just because he`d be crying for a reason that he doesn`t want -- like, if he doesn`t want to do something, he`d just start crying, and Anthony would just put him in the chair to, you know, put him time out because if he`s crying for no reason.

She begins telling that she does not know, but then says she would "tell" him, and then changed to "ask" him why.  This is done with the word "because", showing the reason why.  
Carnel's "crying" is repeatedly mentioned, making it sensitive. She tells us why she did things. 
That she doesn't "even know" is a deceptive answer. 

GRACE: OK, what about spanking him? Why would he spank Carnel?

Nancy Grace missed the pronouns revealing deception and only asks why Bennett would spank Carnel.  

CHAMBERLAIN: That much I don`t know. I know when I noticed the bruises on his butt, like, he tried demonstrating it for me, and like, I seen him, like, put a lot of force into it. And I asked him, I was, like, Why are you spanking him that hard? I told him  you just need to tap (ph) him  I don`t know -- you know, a powerful spank, like it was to a point where I noticed there was bruises on his butt.

She only "noticed" the bruises, soft language, after telling what she does not know but then she says that he "tried demonstrating"; with the word "tried" used in past tense means attempted but failed.  "I seen him...put a lot of force into it":  She watched Bennett assault Carnel.  

Did this watching the assault of her son take place at 3:45PM?  

Did anyone see Carnel alive after 3:45PM?

This is a question police need to ask. 

GRACE: OK, Jaimee, Jaimee, your boyfriend was spanking the 4-year-old so hard, it left bruises on his behind?

CHAMBERLAIN: Yes, it did.

She knows this because she saw it with her own eyes according to her language.

GRACE: What, if anything, did you do about that?

CHAMBERLAIN: Well, I didn`t think of -- I really -- at first, I didn`t think of anything of it, you know, until, like, you know, after all this happened. But I just thought, you know, maybe he spanked him hard to where, like, you know, Carnel learn it.

But I know how my son is, and I know you just have to talk to him about it. You know, I tried telling Anthony that, You don`t need to speak him. Like, Carnel is able -- you`re able to talk to him and he understands right from wrong.

She was part of the beatings.  

Note she reports what she "didn't think"; and repeats it, showing that it is sensitive, first because he tells us what she did not think rather than what she did think; next because it is repeated.  She then defends the beating:  "you know, Carnel learned it"

Reminder that sentences that begin with "And" have missing information between sentences.  Know "you know" as a habit that arises when the subject feels an acute awareness of the interviewer's presence, even over the phone, due to the question or topic

GRACE: Well, I have a concern if he would spank the boy hard enough to bruise his little booty, that`s pretty forceful, to get bruises on your rear end.

CHAMBERLAIN: Yes. Yes, I recently just -- I recently noticed this about - - it was about a week ago when I noticed the bruises on his butt.

The time frame is important.  When this took place, he had been missing one week.   Is this an indication that she found or "noticed" the bruises at 3:45PM?  

The time frame is something that Nancy Grace seemed to pick up on:  

GRACE: OK. So that`s been in the last week?


He had only been missing  one week.  Did the demonstration take place on Carnel's already bruised bottom at 3:45PM the last time she left for work before he was reported missing?

GRACE: When you asked him about it, what did he say Carnel had done to deserve a spanking?

CHAMBERLAIN: He hasn`t -- he hasn`t really explained to me why. He just said that, like -- I know one of the times is because he didn`t clean his room. And he said, I keep going in there and asking him, and he`s not doing what I`m saying. So I know he spanked him because one of the times just because he wouldn`t clean his room.

"he hasn't" is repeated making it sensitive; he hasn't "really" means he has.  
Note the sensitivity indicators with both "so" and "because" explaining why.  
As to multiple beatings, she admits that he has been beaten multiple times it with "one of the times"
She reported being eye witness to the one with force.

GRACE: (INAUDIBLE) your 4-year-old would clean his room?

CHAMBERLAIN: Yes. Yes. We were training him to be a grown man. And we were -- you know, he`d clean his room. We trained him to put his toys  like, in the  We, you know, got him to where he was getting his trash in the trash can. We were pretty much making -- trying to make him do chores and stuff at 4.

Please note that pronouns are instinctive; something we use since our first days of speech and are never wrong.  Here we have the pronoun "we" after the beatings indicating "cooperation" and "unity" between mother and boyfriend. 

This is another linguistic indicator that the mother was also beating Carnel:  training him "to be a grown man" at age 4.  

He was beaten for not cleaning his room and the word "we" indicates the unity between Jaimee and Anthony while beating him for not cleaning his room. 

We "got him" 
We were "making him" is then changed to "trying to make him" 
do "chores and stuff"; what other "stuff" was the four year old doing besides cleaning his room, picking up his toys?

What else was the non working felon "making" and "trying to make" him do?

The use of the pronoun "we" continues and is linked to the discipline. 

GRACE: Let me ask you about Carnel.


GRACE: How long has the boyfriend been living in the home? And did that bother your son, your 4-year-old son, when he moved in?

CHAMBERLAIN: Well, he moved in -- we started -- we dated about seven months now, and we moved in with each other around -- about the end of February or March. And this is the only man that my son has called Stepdad. He`s the only man that -- since his father has not been around, this is the only guy that Carnel felt comfortable enough to call him Stepdad.

First she begins with "he moved in" but changes it to "we moved in";
note "we started" and "we dated"
Note the word "now" indicates that at this time, one week after her son went missing, she is marking time as couples do in anniversary dating:  they are still, at this time, a couple. 
Although only together 7 months, she had him call Bennett "step dad" showing the authority recognized; which should be understood in context of these questions;  discipline. 

Note that Bennett is a "man" when being a "Stepdad" first, but when Carnel's name is used, he is a "guy". 

GRACE: Well, did he ever complain about Anthony spanking him or being mean to him?

CHAMBERLAIN: he had complained to me about him being mean to him and stuff. And I just told him, I was, like -- you know, I was, like, You should just listen to what Anthony`s trying to say to you. Because I thought it was just him being -- you know, Carnel being, like, you know, a little boy trying to say, No, I don`t want to clean my room, you know? But I didn`t think of nothing like that until now.

Here we find another strong indicator of sensitivity.  The child "complained" to her; this is a subtle blaming of the bruised and terrorized four year old.  
Note "because" explains why she told him to listen, making it very sensitive.  
Here we find her blaming Carnel again saying he was being like a little boy.  

He was a little boy. 

Note that she tells us what she did not think, rather than what she did think. 

GRACE: With me tonight in a primetime exclusive, Carnel`s mom. She goes to work to support the family, comes home from her job waiting tables in a restaurant in a casino, the baby`s gone. There in the house, all propped (ph) up, the boyfriend.

Let me ask you this -- with me, Jaimee Chamberlain. She`s also taking your calls. And I also want to point out, according to my investigation, she`s already passed -- repeat, passed -- two separate polygraphs. And you know how I am on the parents. I think they should immediately submit to whatever police want so police can move off them and look for whoever took the child.

We are taking your calls. I want to go quickly to Dr. Bethany Marshall, psychoanalyst, author of "Deal Breakers." You know, I have the twins in vacation Bible school. And I was with them all day after they were picked up, and it was only about six or seven hours later that my little boy told me that an older boy, as John David said, bullied on him at Bible school.

Took seven hours of me going, Well, what happened? Did you have fun? What did you do? And then I went and got independent corroboration -- Lucy -- and found out what had really happened. So I`m not at all surprised that Carnel maybe didn`t verbalize to his mother.

BETHANY MARSHALL, PSYCHOANALYST: Of course Carnel didn`t verbalize it. He`s a 4-year-old, and a 4-year-old will blame himself. But this is a classic case of child abuse in that Anthony was blurring the boundaries between what it means to be an adult and what it means to be a child. And giving a 4-year-old an adult task or an older child`s task of cleaning his room was, in effect, setting him up for punishment.

And it`s as if he, in his mind, wanted to prove that this boy was bad, so he gave him tasks that were developmentally inappropriate, then spanked him, then put him in the corner. And that was the sign that poor Jaimee should have seen.

Only a week had lapsed. So Jaimee, I don`t blame you at all for this. But as you sort of rewind history, I think that you should see that Anthony saw your child as bad. Anthony set your little boy up. And this 
is the outcome so you can fill in the story of what might have happened that day that you were at work.

Lack of listening.  The mother just said that Carnel "complained" to her.   He did verbalize it.  The "experts" are often difficult to listen to, especially when they fall over each other in a rush to not blame someone who appears on the show.  

GRACE: ... clean up it`s whole room -- OK, I want to get back to Jaimee. With me is Carnel`s mom, joining me exclusively tonight. Jaimee, what is Anthony Bennett saying now?

CHAMBERLAIN: He still ain`t working with none of the police officers. He still has no contact with none of my family.

What is missing from her answer?  The question is "what is he saying?" and she avoids answering it directly. 

She reports he is "still" (ongoing to this day) working with police.  

She then reports he has not contact with her family.

She does not say what he has said. 

She does not say he has not had contact with her. 

If she cannot bring herself to say he has no contact with her, we cannot say it for her. 

GRACE: With me right now in a primetime exclusive, his mom joining me, Jaimee Chamberlain. She`s out working, supporting the family, comes home, the little boy is gone -- by all accounts, a peaceful, a sweet little boy, never gave anybody a day`s trouble. He`s gone, seemingly vanishing into thin air.

Jaimee Chamberlain, when you walked in the door that evening from work at Isabel`s (ph) restaurant, what was Anthony Bennett, your boyfriend, doing? When you walked in the door, where was he?

CHAMBERLAIN: He was walking to me. As soon as I opened the door, he was, like, walking out to me.

Note the "opened the door" phrase is often found in adults' language who have been sexually abused in childhood. 
Her history is vital in learning if she had physically abused Carnel as she has indicated linguistically.  The failure to protect and neglect are both obvious.  

We would also want to learn if Carnel was sexually abused. 

GRACE: And what did he say?

CHAMBERLAIN: He pretty much told me that he`s gone. And like, I just didn`t believe him. And that`s all I could think about is, like, I need to look everywhere first. I need to look -- I mean, I turned my house upside down looking for him.
"pretty much" means that there are more things he told her.  
Note that she reports him saying "he's gone" and not "he's missing"  This is critical and police should learn what the mother either knew or suspected. 

And then there`s the next-door neighbors, where there`s a bunch of kids next door, and like, usually, when we`re outside, they`re, like, Come on, Carnel, come next door. And that was the second place I went to go look. And once they said they didn`t see my son, that`s when I knew I had to call the cops because I don`t know where he could have been!

"And" means missing information between these two sentences. 

I want to know if the neighbors saw Carnel that afternoon or evening. 

There is no need to explain "why" a mother of a missing child called police:  the child is missing, yet here, the mother has a need to tell why she called the police. 
This is a sensitive point to the mother

Nancy Grace recognizes the vague and strange response:  

GRACE: When you asked the live-in, Where is Carnel, what was his explanation as to the last time he saw him?

CHAMBERLAIN: He said he came up missing. That`s all he told me what happened. His story just doesn`t make sense, and he just came up missing.

NG knows this is without sense for what is reported to have happened.  Sometimes when someone tells us "why" they did something when they should have no need to, it causes us to doubt (rightfully) the veracity, without, perhaps, understanding exactly why.  This appears to be the conflict within Nancy Grace:  anger as a mother, but not wanting to have the guest hang up the phone. 

GRACE: Well, what do you mean came up missing? Did he leave the boy outside while he was inside?


CHAMBERLAIN: He said that he was cleaning -- he said he was in the house while Carnel was playing outside. And then he was telling everybody that he left the front door open, the sliding glass door open and a couple windows open. And it`s, like, Well, how come -- couldn`t you just hear him just take off, if that`s what happened? He said he didn`t hear nothing, said he didn`t see nothing.

the "cleaning" is very alarming.  This should have caused the interviewer to question about evidence in the home. 

GRACE: OK. Was the house clean when you came in? Did it look like he had really cleaned the house?

CHAMBERLAIN: Yes, it was, until I -- later on that night, I noticed that there was something up in my bathroom.

GRACE: What?

CHAMBERLAIN: That my bathroom floor was wet, and that`s all I noticed that was messed up was in my bathroom.

GRACE: The bathroom floor was wet?

This is a major point that Grace asks as a repeated question, indicating its sensitivity.  It is sensitive because it has taken this long to bring out something this major. 

CHAMBERLAIN: Yes. And it was wet to the point where my carpet even got wet. And he said that he drew me a bath before I got home, and he said -- he said -- I don`t know what he was doing. And then he said he just wasn`t paying attention and the bath water overflowed. And that`s why (INAUDIBLE) you`re not paying attention to my son! You`re not paying attention to this water that you`re supposed to be drawing me a bath for, then what are you doing? It just doesn`t make sense.

Note "he said" is repeated but then stopped.  This means she is withholding information about what he said.  The bath was for "me".

The inclusion of water and the reluctance on the part of the mother, cause me concern that Carnel may have been sexually abused.  Are there other indicators? 

GRACE: Has he taken a lie detector?

CHAMBERLAIN: No, he hasn`t. And then the next day, his dad helped him get a lawyer.

GRACE: With me tonight is his mother, who was at work that night, comes home, the baby is gone. To Jaimee Chamberlain, Carnel`s mom. Did your boyfriend, Anthony Bennett, have a job?

CHAMBERLAIN: No, he didn`t.


CHAMBERLAIN: Because he has two felonies on his record and nobody around us could help him out.

Note that his not working is a result of others not "helping":  blaming others. 
Note the pronoun "us"

GRACE: What kind of felonies?

CHAMBERLAIN: I want to say felonious assault and (INAUDIBLE)

GRACE: Ms. Chamberlain, were you concerned about leaving your child with him?

The obvious neglect issue is noted. 

The question is about her being concerned about her child.  Her answer reveals who she is, and what kind of life Carnel had:  

CHAMBERLAIN: He said he loved me. And the only reason why I started trusting Anthony is because my brother introduced us and, you know, I was thinking because, you know, I`m my brother`s little sister that he wouldn`t send me somebody like that. I trusted him with everything, with my son.

Note the narcissistic answer of "me".  Why would you leave your 4 year old to a felon who beat him?  Because he loved me.  
Note next that she blames her brother for this for introducing them as a couple. 

She refuses to take responsibility, even for having the boyfriend move in. 

Note that order may indicate priority: 

She trust him with "everything" and "my son" with "everything" in her life coming before her son.  

Carnel was the least of her priorities of "everything"

GRACE: Jamie, what can you tell us again about the bathroom.

CHAMBERLAIN: Because when I went in there and I first noticed it because I didn`t notice it until all the police were out looking and told me he`s there. And I was hoping that they would give me some information or in case he came home. And I was, you know, as soon as everybody was out looking for him, the first instance in my head was well, maybe I should go look in the house to see what was out of the ordinary.

Sensitivity noted.  She knows more information that she is revealing. 

And then, that`s when I walked in the bathroom and my feet started sinking in like it was wet and I noticed that the floor in my bathroom was wet and I have little candles that sit beside my bathtub and those were in the water. So, as soon as I seen that, you know, I had to let the FBI and everybody know what I noticed so they could see everything.

She is deceptive about the bathroom:  it was so wet that her feet started to sink, yet she only "noticed" it was wet.  
Note body posture indicating tension.
Notice that she "had" to let the FBI know, not something she was willing to do.  This is a strong indication that she wanted to protect Anthony Bennett.  

It is consistent with her priorities in life.

I remain concerned about sexual abuse.  

GRACE: When you asked him what had happened in the bathroom, what did he say?

CHAMBERLAIN: He said he was drawing me a bath for when I got out of work. And he said that he wasn`t pay attention and al of a sudden, it overflowed.

GRACE: When you got home, was there water in the bathtub?

CHAMBERLAIN: There was, but you would think that if it was over flown, it would be over the top, and you would think all the water was drained out. The water was like - half way I there, more halfway in there than anything.

She was asked a simple question that she distances herself from it:  "you would think..." is repeated.  She did not say what she thought. 

GRACE: Did you notice anything else out of place in the home? Jamie, did you notice anything else out of the place in the home?

CHAMBERLAIN: Yes, I did. And I just -- when everything happened, I like, you know, because I`m looking in the room, and I was looking around to see if anything was, you know, anything out of the ordinary after I seen the carpet. And as I was looking around on the floor to see what all got wet, I noticed his two, they`re brown stains on my carpet and I noticed that only the stains were wet and around the carpet was dry and my first instinct was like, OK, I better go get a paper towel to see what color came out of it. And then when I see it, it came out was brown and then, you know, my first instinct was blood so I stuck my hand in it and my hand was sticky and then when I smelled my hand, it smelled like cleaning products.

Lots of reason for concern:  We have two "blues" of sensitivity and we have a "first instinct" but not a "second instinct" indicating there is missing information.  She recognized that her son was missing, the bathroom was flooded and that there may have been blood, but uses the word "noticed" twice; which is weak and sensitive.  

GRACE: So, do you believe someone -- is your bathroom carpeted?

CHAMBERLAIN: Yes, it is.

GRACE: So, you think someone cleaned the bathroom carpet?

She reported smelling cleaning agents:

CHAMBERLAIN: I don`t know. I just know what I seen and I let the FBI take it from there.

GRACE: This is what I don`t understand, Jamie, so he says the boy`s missing, but he thought to draw you a bath while the little boy`s missing?

CHAMBERLAIN: Yes. That`s why it doesn`t make sense.

Did you notice that she drops "me" from her sentence here, something she uses often?  This recognizes that it does not make sense:  to all.  This may be because NG used the words first.  It was not something Jaimee offered herself. 

GRACE: Did he normally clean the house, Jamie Chamberlain?

CHAMBERLAIN: Yes, he did.

GRACE: Jaimee Chamberlain, when did he say the last time it, that he saw the boy, Jaimee?

CHAMBERLAIN: He said 9:30?

GRACE: At night?

CHAMBERLAIN: Yes. 9:30 at night.

GRACE: And what does he say, he was doing? What is Carnel doing at 9:30 at night? He should have been in bed asleep, but what did he say he was doing?

CHAMBERLAIN: He said, he was out playing in the in the pool that on our porch in our backyard.

Please note that she previously reported that he didn't say anything, yet Statement Analysis shows missing information.  

This is not lost on Nancy Grace:  

GRACE: Well, Cloutier. This is new. This is completely new. OK. I thought he didn`t say anything. Now, I`m understanding, he says the boy was outside in the pool at 9:30 at night.

CHAMBERLAIN: Yes. He said he was outside playing in the pool and he was inside cleaning the house.

GRACE: At 9:30 at night?


GRACE: Why wasn`t the little boy in bed, he`s 4 years old.

CHAMBERLAIN: Nancy, before I left for work, I told him to put my son to bed at 9:00.

She uses Nancy Grace's name, calling attention to the sentence.  Note again, before she left for work is a very sensitive time frame for the mother. 

GRACE: You know, back to Jaimee Chamberlain, this is Carnel`s mother. And I want to report to everyone, she has taken and passed with flying colors, two separate polygraph tests, she was the only one working to support the three of them. She`s at work at her job at Isabel`s restaurant there at the casino, gets home 9:30, the boyfriend, the live in says, little boy is gone and he was distracted to cleaning the house.

Now, I`m learning that he says the little boy was outside swimming in the backyard pool at 9:30 at night and the boyfriend is distracted cleaning the house. I also learn from Jaimee, tonight is the first we`re learning about this, the carpet in the bathroom was completely soaked. There was a brown stain and it smelled like cleaning fluid.

Jaimee, does your bathroom tub have one of those drain things right below the hot and cold water controls.

CHAMBERLAIN: It`s just a drain. We have in our back bedroom, we have a Jacuzzi. So I honestly don`t think it had a draining thing. I know where the Jacuzzi is, it has a little sitting point and then it has the switch on the jets and to control the jets and that`s it.

There is a strong connection between Chamberlain and Bennett, as the "we" continues its usage. 

GRACE: Ok. Wait a minute. Wait. Is the bathtub also a Jacuzzi?


GRACE: All right, so there`s not one of those little holes, kind of a drain right there underneath the hot and cold water control?

CHAMBERLAIN: No. No, there is not.

GRACE: You know, to Jaimee Chamberlain, this is Carnel`s mom, the description of him wearing the dark blue angry bird t-shirt, the blue short with the green trim is that what you observed him wearing when you went to work?

CHAMBERLAIN: No, it wasn`t.

GRACE: What was he wearing then?

CHAMBERLAIN: He was wearing dark -- dark green shorts with a light green trim and then the shirt, wasn`t even wearing a shirt when I left. He was just wearing shorts but as the cops were looking through my house and they told me to go through stuff, I actually found the wet pair of shorts that I see him wearing when I left for work.

There is extremely sensitive missing information about what happened just prior to her leaving for work at 3:45PM that she is withholding. 

Is this when her son was beaten again?  
Was she a part of the beating?
Did she approve of it?
Did she participate in it?

There is something very sensitive about this time period that is related to Carnel's short life. Jaimee Chamberlain's priority in life was, and is, Jaimee Chamberlain, and Anthony Bennett took strong precedence over Carnel in Jaimee Chamberlain's life. 

There are linguistic indicators that connect physical abuse of Carnel to both Anthony Bennett and Jamiee Chamberlain. 

Although she was at work when he went missing, (and killed), she still has a strong bond with Bennett and likely shares in guilt of child abuse of Carnel outside of just Neglect and failure to protect. 

She is withholding information and it is likely to protect Anthony Bennett.  

GRACE: You found him -- you found the green shorts?

CHAMBERLAIN: That he was wearing before I left for work and they were wet.

GRACE: So the shorts he was wearing when you went to work, were they sopping wet, like they had been underwater?

CHAMBERLAIN: Yes, they were like in between damp -- it was in between damp to wet, it was in between that.

GRACE: Where did you find them? Where were they?

CHAMBERLAIN: They were in our laundry room.

GRACE: Were they wet with water or wet with urine like he had wet his pants?

CHAMBERLAIN: They were wet like water.

GRACE: Why were they wet -- why were they wet?

CHAMBERLAIN: My first instinct was to think that them were the shorts he was wearing when he was playing outside. As soon as Anthony saw -- he made no sense to me, that`s when, even me, I thought he is probably not even wearing the clothes he said he was wearing. So --

here is the return of "to me" expression. 

GRACE: Did you give police those shorts?

CHAMBERLAIN: Yes, I did. I gave them every piece of article I thought he was wearing. Yes.

GRACE: Jaimee, is the water in your pool chlorinated?

CHAMBERLAIN: No, it`s not.

GRACE: OK. So, it would be the same as the water in your bathtub, correct?


GRACE: What was your boyfriend`s explanation as to why your little boy`s pants were soaking wet?

CHAMBERLAIN: He didn`t say why. He just said he changed him.

that he "changed him" after reporting what he "didn't say" remains a concern about sexual abuse.  Too many mentions of water to ignore. 

I can understand that people will be angry with this post and the insinuation that the mother was also physically abuse to Carnel.  

I believe she was.

I believe that she may have also beaten him before leaving to work, along with Anthony Bennett and expect Bennett to blame her as well. 

I will not be surprised if she is arrested, not for murder, but for child abuse, endangerment, neglect etc.

Please also consider this regarding child abuse.  It is something that child protective workers, social workers, teachers, and those in the field recognize:

It grows, often slowly, over time. 

Generally, someone does not graduate to murder from spanking.

I removed most of the experts' statements as irrelevant, only left in the one which showed ignorance of child abuse.  This mother is very much responsible.

Her ability to link herself to the boyfriend was not only just "he loves me" but the pronouns that show unity and cooperation ("we, us") are found in correlation to "making him a grown man" and discipline.

This makes her culpable, in the least, in the physical abuse, for approving and standing by, but more than likely not, it shows that she participated in it beyond just approving.  Even 1 week after he disappeared there was still a "we" between them, and the "we" remained in all topics. 

We may learn that that she beat Carnel just before leaving.  If this comes from Bennett, it will be quickly dismissed by the ghouls selling t shirts on Facebook after he was found dead, as coming from a liar. 

However, you will have read it here, first, from her own words.  

Abuse escalates over time and these two appeared to making him be a servant in the home; ironic to see a non worker attempting to make a 4 year old do work in the house.  

She revealed that it was not a one time beating that left bruises, though it may not have been picked up by the interviewer as she walked the balance between wanted to rebuke the mother for neglect, in the least, and not wanting to cause the show to be ruined by the mother hanging up the phone. 

The mother's language is that of an abuser. 

She blames others. 

She blamed her brother. 

She blamed her victim when she blamed her son's behavior.    

She disparaged him for "crying for no reason" which is difficult, as  a father, to read.  Children cry for a reason and given his age, this is a signal of her lack of concern over him. 

In the grandfather's statement, we find minimization, which is expected, and we see that there was a split in the family with some knowing that the mother was to blame. 

The mother's appearance filled in the blanks of the grandfather's statements. 

We also may understand why CPS, against its beliefs, had to place Carnel with strangers in foster care.  

They may be extenuating circumstances:

1.  No appropriate relatives.   This is usually found in drug families where it seems that everyone is involved in drugs, like Hailey Dunn's family.  

Given the statements of the grandfather, it is not something I feel was likely.  My guess is this:  

2.  Reluctant family members.   

This is far more likely. 

Some are reluctant due to the mother's behavior, and fear of importing trouble into their home.  Mothers can sabotage placement, so terribly, that officials have no choice but to place a child with strangers.

 Some may have feared Jaimee, or her boyfriends, or the boy's father, who is now incarcerated.

Some may have had children of their own which needed protection from...Jaimee, or even from Carnel. 

If Carnel was sexually abused, he may have had acting out behavior towards other children, which meant being placed in  a home with children a mistake. 

This is a tragic case of child abuse leading to eventual death. 

The mother may have not caused the death, but she contributed to it, even as she makes excuses and blames others.   


sidewalk super said...

oh, that POS changed him okay...

These creatures need to be removed from society before they hurt others. And because they have hurt others.

Seamus O Riley said...

This is upsetting analysis and I understand if people feel anger at me for it.

I think both mother and boyfriend physically abused this poor boy which is why there is such a heavy use of "we" and "us" along with defensive posturing about the boyfriend, and the subtle insults of her son.

Police need to learn more about what happened before she left for work.

I think he was beaten.


Anonymous said...

How sad! I have a feeling this young woman wanted so badly to have a husband/wife relationship that she not only relied on her brother's wisdom, but sacrificed the life of her own son by relying on the wisdom of a male figure withing the home.

Much to her dismay, she knows something bad happened in the bathroom and he said something that told her exactly what that something was, and yet, she still can't wrap her mind around it.

Hindsight being 20/20, she's starting to see the signs adding up. Why would he worry about a bath for me when my son is missing?

Everything seems to revolve around an "up." Don't know why.

"Came up missing."
"Something up in the bathroom."
"messed up"

It is clear she wasn't a good parent. Her relatives know that fact, too. Little they could do unless they saw him or her abusing the child. Bruises on the butt aren't noticable to outsiders. On the face and ribcage would be if he went around without a shirt.

Maybe she had prior warnings.

It sounds as if members of the community are trying to talk to her and it just hasn't registered yet.

One said that Bennett gave her the 'willies.' Another, who lived next door, only had the child over once. Not a close family.

Something is amiss among the status quo of the surrounding neighbors and family.

Were they afraid of her? Afraid of her boyfriends? It seems as if she didn't trust her own judgement if she relied on her brother's choices of human nature to provide someone that COULD become another family member.

Obviously she is guilty of failing to protect him properly. That shows in her own words about the BOTH of them training him the be a man.

What does she think a man is?

Her live-in seems to think perhaps it would be akin to a WWF match or something.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking he had a bloody nose prior to her leaving for work...

The two brown spots were sticky and smelled of cleaning fluid.

Hobnob said...

I'm confused about the 3:45
she was asked

GRACE: Jaimee, tell me what -- when did you last see Carnel?

She replies not when she last saw him rather the time she left work (not left for work)

CHAMBERLAIN: I left work about 3:45 it's right up the street from where I live at.
the 'for' is missing, i would expect i left for work or i left to go to work.
The way she tells it she left her work at 3:45

JoAnn said...

This is upsetting analysis, Peter. I had to stop reading twice, and physically remove myself, then come back to the story. But, as always with SA, we only have the mother's own words, and the analysis is based on nothing more than what she is telling us (or not telling us). In my experience, a mother's instinct is to blame herself for anything troubling that befalls her child, whether she could have realistically prevented it or not. I see the opposite behavior with this mother, and believe that to be an indicator of abuse. Blaming everyone else, and disparaging (even blaming) the child, seems to be a common denominator among abusers. As hard as it is to think of this child with no ally in the home, I think you called this one exactly right.

Hobnob said...

CHAMBERLAIN: The only thing that we recently started doing was, like, Anthony started, like, spanking him and started disciplining him. And we started putting him in the -- like, we`d been putting him a chair in the corner to discipline him. That`s the only thing that recently has been going on between him and Anthony that I know Carnel is upset about.
What is the difference between spanking and discipline?
She doesn't say he was spanking,rather it was like spanking.
Anthony started likespanking and disciplining then the pronoun changes to WEstarted putting him in the..
She stops herself after saying we started putting him in the..
You don't put people in a chair you put them on a chair, you put them in a space, was he put somewhere like a room, closet or something similar?
She then reverts back to it being between anthony and Carnel and it being why carnel was upset.
Notice the sentence starts with AND indicating missing information, it comes between spanking and disciplining him and putting him in a chair in the corner. what went on between the spanking, discipline and the chair in the corner? Where is the corner the chair is in?
Why is he IN the chair not ON the chair.

She is going to blame it all on anthony, he did the beating, she shares the minmised chair in the corner which is passive discipline.
Notice she says thats's( this is close that is distancing) that RECENTLY been going on.
What was going on not so recently?

Hobnob said...

The mom may wllhave passed the polygraph twice if they didn't as the right questions. Now they have this inerview they will know what questions to ask concerning discipline etc and sh will fail.

Anonymous said...

CHAMBERLAIN: …. That`s the only thing that recently has been going on between him and Anthony that I know Carnel is upset about.

Who’s upset about the spanking and the bruises? Not Jaimee. Not Anthony. Only Carnel was upset about it. That speaks volumes. Jaimee Chamberlain gave Bennett the o.k. to abuse her child.

Need further proof? Look at one of the first quotes we have from her after she reported Carnel missing:

"I just want him home, I don’t care what happened."

I believe her. She didn’t care what happened to Carnel!

Anonymous said...

What strikes me as also odd was Jaimee Chamberlain’s need to call Bennett on her way home from work. She already told us her place of work is just minutes from her home: …it's right up the street from where I live at.

Was she checking to see if Carnel was still breathing?

She admits that when she left for work, Carnel was laying on the bed in her bedroom – which is eerily similar to incidents described in the affidavit for Bennett’s arrest. There, she stated that she once returned home to find Carnel lying on the bed in the bedroom with a swollen and bruised face, and a cut lip. On another occasion, she describes Bennett as dragging Carnel to the bedroom.

Did the beatings usually take place in the bedroom? Was it the routine to leave the child laying on the bed after a severe beating?

Theresa said...

Carnel was on the bed watching her get ready for work... I wonder if he was there because that was all he could do after the beating. I have a feeling the beating occurred before she left for work, and he finished Carnel off after she left.

I think it is possible that Anthony Bennett intended on finishing up the cleanup before Jamie got home from work, drawing her a bath to distract her from checking on Carnel, and pretending Carnel was asleep already. Maybe he hoped to claim Carnel was kidnapped in the morning. He just didn't realize how much effort was involved in the clean up. Maybe the bath was to hope that Jamie wouldn't notice the wet carpet?

Jamie says Anthony is the only guy that Carnel has ever felt comfortable enough to call step dad. I think that giving Anthony that title was not Carnel's choice, since Anthony seems to be one that demands respect and recognition of his authority. Saying Anthony was the only guy implies that the door of Jamie's house worked like a revolving one and it was one man after another in and out of Jamie's house.

Jamie didn't "think anything" of the abuse, and never pushed for reasons for Anthony spanking him that hard, and that tells me she just didn't care. If someone spanked my daughter, even "just tapped" her, they better have an army to protect them. I would come completely unhinged. Jamie didn't, because she was OK with the abuse of her son.

Theresa said...

Peter, we aren't upset at you for the analysis. We are upset with Jamie because this analysis had to be done.

Anonymous said...

i can't read the whole thing. i can't handle it right now. but from what i have read in this post and others, i agree with Peter. she used a phrase at one point (don't have a direct quote or the post it was in), but it was something to the effect of: "we were training him to be a man." again it's not a direct quote, but i do recall she used the words we, and training and man. as if he was an animal. and as if it were a joint effort.
it sounds like she was complicit and involved in what was happening to the poor baby. beyond failing to protect him.

this case (and so many others) breaks my heart and makes me SO ANGRY!!! children are NOT adults! they are innocent and defenseless. they don't ask to be born. yet when they are, they have no choice but to rely on the "adults" around them for survival. they deserve to be protected and safe. Carnel deserved to be protected and safe. he never had a chance. poor sweet baby.

HOW can anyone beat a child or hurt them in any way? HOW?! it makes me sick to my stomach!! especially now that i have a little sister and i can see first hand exactly how tiny and innocent and helpless children really are. i always believed all the things that happened to me as a child were my fault. they proved to me over and over how what was happening was because of how i was, or what i did or didn't do. and honestly, a big part of me still believes that.
but then i hear about cases like this, or i play with little sis, and i see how innocent children are. how there's NOTHING, NOTHING they could do (or not do) that could warrant cruelty, beatings, or any other kind of abuse.

children are so full of light. and all they really want is to be loved. when i grow up, i really want to do something to help keep kids safe, or to help the kids who are hurt. just something, some way to fight back against all of the darkness. if i could i'd do something now. i just don't know how or what. and i feel too little to really make a difference. but i want to.

my prayers are with you Carnel.

Theresa said...

Anonymous said...
I'm thinking he had a bloody nose prior to her leaving for work...

The two brown spots were sticky and smelled of cleaning fluid.

I wonder how big the stains were? I have had a bloody nose start and drip on the carpet and the spots weren't big enough to be able to touch and tell they were sticky. In fact, they just dried before I realized they were even there. I got the impression that these spots were really big because she said:

"And then, that`s when I walked in the bathroom and my feet started sinking in like it was wet and I noticed that the floor in my bathroom was wet and I have little candles that sit beside my bathtub and those were in the water."

" Yes, I did. And I just -- when everything happened, I like, you know, because I`m looking in the room, and I was looking around to see if anything was, you know, anything out of the ordinary after I seen the carpet. And as I was looking around on the floor to see what all got wet, I noticed his two, they`re brown stains on my carpet and I noticed that only the stains were wet and around the carpet was dry and my first instinct was like, OK, I better go get a paper towel to see what color came out of it. And then when I see it, it came out was brown and then, you know, my first instinct was blood so I stuck my hand in it and my hand was sticky and then when I smelled my hand, it smelled like cleaning products."

So first she says the floor was wet enough that her feet were sinking in, and then she says only the stains were wet, and the rest of the carpet was dry. That makes me think that there was a large amount of blood. The stain was large enough to put her hand in. If the bathtub (which I think is actually a hot tub not a bathtub, since there is no drain?) overflowed, how did the water manage to only go on two stains?

Sadly, I don't think this was from a nose bleed, unless it was a real gushing nose bleed that nobody bothered to tend to.

Hobnob said...

off topic

DETROIT, Mich. (WJBK) - A sad turn of events in Detroit Saturday morning. 17-month old Ziya Turner was found dead. Now, a family member is being questioned by police.

The baby was reported missing from a home in the 18-thousand block of Brinker around 3:30pm Friday on Detroit's east side. Police confirm Ziya was discovered Saturday morning in a closet inside the family's home. A cadaver dog led officers to the little girl's body. Her grandmother tells Fox 2 the family is doing everything they can to keep it together in the wake of this tragedy.

So far, no one has been charged in this case. The Medical Examiner has not yet released the cause of death

Apple said...

Excellent analysis, Peter.

Anonymous said...

It bothers me how much she says "you know...". I used to say that a lot when I was younger and realized it was because 1. I didn't want to say what was really on my mind, 2. Because I wanted others to come to their own conclusions, not necessarily the truthful conclusions, 3. Because I really thought they knew and really didn't need to finish the sentence. I now realize that most "you know..." responses from others, including my young kids (when I usually do know, but want them to learn accountability) are missing information, and respond with "No, I don't know, please tell me.". And a "well, ya know..." answer won't work for me. Obviously her "you know" comments drive me nuts, because if we knew, we wouldn't be asking!!!

Just my 2 cents.

Vita said...

There is more red flags within this interview than Planters has peanuts.

This young lady felt power with her new domain, given to her by her grandmother. She allowed Bennett to live with her, he to move in by her acceptance of him. Once found out that he was unemployable, this I do not think set well with her. She to berate him, she to be upset with him that he felt less than. The idea of Training Carnel came as a package deal. He took his orders from Jaimee, and then went on about his own way. The first time he struck, hurt, hit, beat Carnel was what? the floodgates to open he was no longer considered " less than useful" his woman approved of his knew found alpha male?

Her to say he was allowed to be, to stay, because he loved me. Then the account she gave to the FBI agent which gave me chills. That the one night she returned home from work, she was asked to sit by Bennett. He wanted to hear her say she loved him, prior to leading her to Carnel's beaten body.

The first time I read this, the movie Natural Born Killers came into my mind. That he and she " had romance" prior to he leading her to Carnel who was in his room, that he had been beaten.

That there was some sort of sexual gratis within this " abuse" of Carnel. They to use this new found power of training, mental, verbal and psychical abuse, as their own thermometer within their intimate roles created. US against Him. Carnel didn't stand a chance.

His head shaved is another red flag. This is an act of humiliation to a child that has only had and known "longer free flowing hair" They to strip him from it.

I doubt it was done at a barber, with Carnel's understanding, had it been at a barber, it would not be buzzed to his skull.
This was historically the hardest NG show ever for me to view, listen to. I have not one drop of compassion for Momster. She knew and not only that, I believe she enrolled Bennett into this position of Carnel's Death Wish by her manipulations. They together are both responsible for Carnel's torture and death. His body desecrated, hidden, was solely Bennett's idea? don't know. Just because she passed two poly's doesn't mean she is an Angel or left out of what happened. Some truths can be very vile.

Carnel's autopsy will shed light.
Light that I hope brings him a voice and Justice. His mother will not say it for him. Handwriting on the wall.

Anonymous said...

Here's another thing that's hinky about what Jaimee Chamberlain says- First she says she checked every room in the house, tore it apart, looking for Carnel. How is it, then, that she did not notice the bathroom carpet was wet at that time? Instead, she says it wasn't until the police had left to go search for Carnel that she went into the bathroom and "noticed" the wet floor and the stains.

So did she, or did she not, check the bathroom at first? Or was she a participant in covering up evidence in the bathroom?

Anonymous said...

Theresa said….
I think it is possible that Anthony Bennett intended on finishing up the cleanup before Jamie got home from work, drawing her a bath to distract her from checking on Carnel, and pretending Carnel was asleep already. Maybe he hoped to claim Carnel was kidnapped in the morning. He just didn't realize how much effort was involved in the clean up. Maybe the bath was to hope that Jamie wouldn't notice the wet carpet?
Or perhaps Jaimee came home early. It sounds like her shift started at 4 pm, and she reports leaving work around 9:30. I wonder if she was actually scheduled to work until 10 or 11.

Anonymous said...

After all of this - it doesnt take a genius to know he killed the child -SO why hasnt he been arrested????

Anonymous said...

Carnel's shaved head reminds me of young men entering military training.

Jaimee and Anthony had decided it was time for boot camp, and they were the abusive sargeants who were going to train him!

sidewalk super said...

what does the mother mean by saying "his two..." in reference to bloody spots on bathroom carpet..
so what is it?, hands? feet? butt?

It is hard to beat a child to death in a small space like a bathroom, more likely, child's body taken to bath tub because of amount of blood spilling.

This mother knows very well

Anonymous said...

Bennett has been arrested on charges relating to three incidents of child abuse which were described by Jaimee Chamberlain in the arrest affidavit.

He will probably not be charged with murder until the autopsy provides the cause and means of death. Until that time, he will remain in police custody.

Skeptical said...

Was Carnel drowned in the bathtub? Could he have died from some sort of so called "discipline" that went horribly wrong? Was Bennett trying some form of water boarding on a 4 year old to make him behave? The spots could have been vomit and/or blood.

C5H11ONO said...

CHAMBERLAIN: Yes, I did. And I just -- when everything happened, I like, you know, because I`m looking in the room, and I was looking around to see if anything was, you know, anything out of the ordinary after I seen the carpet. And as I was looking around on the floor to see what all got wet, I noticed his two, they`re brown stains on my carpet and I noticed that only the stains were wet and around the carpet was dry and my first instinct was like, OK, I better go get a paper towel to see what color came out

She noticed "his two" then states brown spots. She applied ownership of the brown spots to her son, but quickly changed to brown spots. How did she know they were her son's?

BigMamaNa said...

Anon @ 2:27

God bless your sweet being. You are old enough to know about abuse and that it is wrong, but are not old enough to do anything about it.

I hope that you and your sister are safe. I hope you have someone you can trust to confide in if you or your sister are ever in harms way.

BigMamaNa said...

sidewalk super and C5H110N0

Re two imprints on the carpet. I noticed that also. It would almost have to be footprints if there were wet spots surrounded by dry carpet.

I'm not sure how much truth there was in her statements. Seems to me she was in CYA mode throughout the interview.

As I recall this interview on Nancy Grace was due to be shown the night the news broke about body being found under the porch and they held it over until Friday night and inserted the updated information.

MaryK said...

Excellent analysis, Peter. I suspected the mother as being complicit from the get-go. Poor boy, so sad.

Anonymous said...

Great Analysis Peter. The mom was in the house when he killed Carnel. She knows a lot more than she's saying.

It's sad even after Carnel is dead she is still putting the boyfriend first. She needs to be arrested.

Anonymous said...

Peter ----

Well done. ITA.

I heard monster dearest on NG about 3 days ago and immediately had a visceral reaction to monster mom.

She didn't come across as telling the whole truth, AND she has a horribly whiny voice. Jamie comes across as self centered/more than likely a narcissistic personality. It was clear she was tossing all the blame in boyfriend's direction, and took no blame for allowing bf to treat her son in such a monstrous manner.

Vita --- what you say has a strong possibility ---roles played between monster mom and monster bf.

I suspected from the beginning of this tale the sweet little innocent boy could have been sexually abused as well.

I heard a song on the radio today written by a female singer about the fact she is compelled to protect her child from all harm. Jamie has no such instinct! I can only pray she will NEVER have another child to attempt to make up for her lousy parenting skills w/ Carnel. She is not likely to do better next time around considering her repeat choices of violent men & her lack of personal accountability.


Trigger said...

I believe that you are correct in your analysis that Jaimee and Anthony are still a couple and that she is protecting him because she is guilty of the same abusive behavior towards Carnel.

I have never seen a 4 year-old child with huge bruises like the ones in the photo of Carnel. It is hard to look at it.

Did Anthony kick him when Carnell fell down from being hit?

I can just hear him yelling at Carnel to "get up or else I'll kick you again."

robbie said...

My first thought was Carnel was drowned in the bathtub and the rat boyfriend chose the story where the little boy was out late at night in the pool while he was "cleaning" in the house so it would tie in neatly.

The mom sounded like she had no problem with the "new way of disciplining" her son, albeit with some soft protestations that talking would be enough to explain what is right or wrong to the boy. If that was me and I saw bruises on my son's bum, I would have gone bat shit crazy on Bennett, no questions asked, because there is NO right answer for spanking a young'un or ANYONE that hard!

She sounded as if she was holding a lot of things back. Why didn't she tell Nancy right away about the bathroom floor, the night time swimming scenario, the non responses from toddler killer. Why did Nancy have to drag this information out of her?

Why would she put her hand in unidentified red/brown stains on the floor? Was she checking to see if it was her son's poop?

Did Bennett flip out if that was the case? I hope the Police have checked the drains of that tub, whatever kind it might be.

I don't understand why the mother found still wet shorts~why weren't they laid out to dry somewhere?

Anonymous said...

I don't imagine Bennet is feeling quiet so tough and docky where he is now.

Nanna Frances said...

I do not feel anger at you, but I feel anger at the mother and her boyfriend. Since they are close, I suggest the same punishment for them.

Nanna Frances said...

Anon at 2:27.

Do NOT feel your abuse was your fault. No one deserves to be abused. If there is no one you can talk with in your family, talk to your teacher. Whatever happens is not your fault. If you can't talk to anyone, contact Peter or his wife Heather. Both are good people who will help you.

God bless you.

Anonymous said...


I was thinking bloody nose/sticky because he would have probably been sobbing profusely-making the punishment harsher.

It is doubtful it is a hot tub because Jacuzzi was mentioned. They drain just like a bathtub. Often, these types of tubs are normal fixtures where the porcelain types used to be.

What gets me is she knew these two brown spots belonged to HIM (she never tells just exactly who "his" refers to. I assume the dead child, but, I'm no mind reader either). She has two eyes and determines the color of these spots. And, with faith in new and improved technology, she grabs a paper towel to make sure her eyes aren't deceiving her. Yep! Those two spots of HIS are STILL brown. Go figure!

What with all that water, you'd think that something leaked under the house. Guess he had to go under there and see what was going on, huh?

The sticky? Snot. A chemical used to try to dissolve the "two brown spots" melted the fibers in the carpet.

Or, lighter fluid. Maybe he knocked over the source of flame-candles in the water-before he could torch the place.

Vita said...

Article posted Friday

As the man accused harming 4 year-old Carnel Chamberlain was being arraigned, investigators returned to the Mt. Pleasant home where his body was found, literally tearing it apart.

About 24 hours after the body of 4 year-old Carnel Chamberlain was found at the home on Tomah Rd., the scene was quiet all day with an officer monitoring. Then, investigators swarmed in aggressively looking for more clues.

Around 1:45 p.m. Friday, investigators began ripping siding off the house, searching for more evidence.

“I’ll tell you what. I knew that baby was in there, I knew it, I knew it with a shadow of a doubt," Esther Chatfield, Carnal's Great Aunt told FOX 17.

"Because the way the trainers of those dogs and how those dogs act, they only went to the creek right back to the house."

Chatfield lives right next door, and is very emotional about the tragedy involving her family.

"I don’t understand why the authorities didn’t listen to those dogs, because I tell you what, if I was the authority, I would’ve picked that house up and just dug it."

That’s exactly what authorities did Friday. Family says Carnel’s body was found burned under a porch. Esther says it was porch off the front of the house.

Last sentences,
Friday night, Nancy Grace featured the case of little Carnel, and spoke with the boy's mother in an exclusive interview. She talked about her son, and her boyfriend, who is also the only charged suspect in the case so far.

"so far"
Tearing the siding off the house for? forensics? maybe looking for smoke damage? or they found trace evidence of dna? this seems to become worse, at every turn, what the hell did they do to this precious boy? The mention by Momster that Bennett was cleaning had the windows open the door wall, at near 80 degrees at night, the temps here to hang and remain well into the evenings. Was he clearing out smoke? did he burn Carnel inside the house? this why no witnesses...sigh.

Link to,0,1670143.story

Susie said...

Peter: Thank you for taking the time to focus on that interview. I thought your analysis was excellent.

Vita said...

Photos of LE taking evidence, searching for evidence. Photo 2, is a Door? skirting from the house? the house appears to be a prefab, manufactured home. An odd what is it?, if anyone can tell what it is, please post, Thank you.,0,1874192.photogallery

sha said...

I have six sons, and I could have told these people that it is impossible to make a 4 year old into a man (besides being just plain ridiculous.) In my experience people are lucky if their sons turn into men by the time they are 30, not 4. Also: beatings do not turn little boys into men.

Why would anyone want their little ones to grow up so fast? It's not long before they think they are "too big" to cuddle or sit on your lap, or go through the phase where they are "embarrassed" by hugs and kisses. Maybe they were hoping little Carnel would "man up" and get a job, get married, and move away from home by the time he was in kindergarten.

If this mom ran around "looking everywhere" for Carnel, why did she not look under the porch? I've lived in homes that had crawl spaces under the porch and even our family dog liked to "hide" under there. I would think that this would be a place one would look, and maybe notice the dirt had been disturbed there?

Worst of all....they cooked him.... for the love of God I wish I could unsee and unthink that. Too bad they can't dispense some old fashioned Tribal Justice on both of them.

Finally....I'd like to know just HOW it took a whole week to find this little boy. We had one tiny dead mouse in a cabinet and I could smell that thing throughout my homes whole lower level.....Either he was buried quite deep or something odd, because it's been hot hot hot in Michigan and I can't imagine anyone near the house unable to smell that (with no help from a canine.)

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid the child was sexually abused, and the boyfriend burned the body to destroy semen and other physical evidence of sexual abuse. (I don't know whether anal sex would cause the boys buttocks to be bruised, but there was a lot of talk about the Bennett assaulting that part of the boy's body. Maybe the mother referenced spanking to cover up/detract from injuries suggesting the child was raped. Maybe that was his punishment for not being "man enough.")

However, I read that Bennett had previously killed a dog and burned its body afterward, so maybe that is simply something Bennett repeated with this child.

Vita said...

Omg, News reporter was able to interview a woman, that personally knew Bennett. He dated her grand daughter and lived in her (the woman's home), Bennett did. She said he is violent and dangerous, that she kicked him out. He stole her grand daughters dog, killed it, set it on fire, in which order unknown. The news found out he has a criminal history that goes back for a decade. His past to include stabbing his sister, and threatening murder of another ex girl friends father..

The woman interviewed is on video.

sha said...

Vita......About Carnel's hair.....Maybe someone cut his hair so that someone else couldn't pull it anymore, or pick him up by it

It's possible that one parent feels they need help disciplining a kid, and the other "parent" has no clue when to stop. (Like mom saying to 'stepdad' you only need to tap him).

Anonymous said...

I am curious as to where the 'barbeque smell' was coming from. Where did he burn the boy? Was he alive at the time. Was he under the house and a small torch used under the guise of plumbing repair? What type of chemical was used to start the burning if he were in a pit nearby? Gas? Charcoal lighter? Kerosine?

He knows hair burning has a very distinct smell. I think this is why the head was shaven.

It the child was actually buried under the porch, then this guy had to be under there for some time digging the grave. Not an easy task when there are much better options.

If the child was injured when she left at 3:45, things may have escalated thereafter. Five hours is a lot of time to dig. Assuming the 'barbeque smell' came after dusk, then the hole would have been prepared.

Wonder what he fixed for supper?

Anonymous said...

There was an interview with some construction workers that were working on a house close by. They said that there was yelling and screaming coming from the house the day before Carnel went missing. They also stated that at between 5:00 and 6:00 the night Carnel disappeared they smelled a strange burning smell like human flesh and saw black smoke coming from the chimney vent at the top of Carnel's home. I would link to the story, but do not know how. Something just doesn't add up. How did the home not reak of burnt flesh? I know Bennett had both windows and doors open, but still. How long does it take a body to cool off after being burned? If Mom left at 3:45 and the smell started between 5:00 and 6:00, did he kill Carnel right after she left?

skip said...

There was a case in my hometown like that... ma let the boyfriend babysit and abuse the kid, she died, he was crucified by the locals, he did jail time and he's out now, then word got out that ma had allowed the boyfriend continue consistently to hurt the kid. Of course, she wasn't held responsible.

The first thing I noticed was this, which is almost o/t:

GRACE: Good evening. I`m Nancy Grace. I want to thank you for being with us.

I *want* to thank you... why not, Thank you for being with us? This makes me wonder if either she's insincere (naw.... not Nancy!) or if we over analyze everyday language. Anyway, that's the side effect I got from this blog. :)

Vita said...

Here is a very informative video news presser, it is 7 mins long.
Posted last Friday, showing LE tearing the house apart. The past of Bennett discussed.

This News station has said this twice now, that Carnel's body was found days earlier than officially reported. If this is true when was the interview with NG? it to be pre-recorded and bumped. Did Jaimee know that Carnel had been found at the time of the interview with NG? and she could not say it, via LE's request? so confusing. He was missing for seven days. Found on day seven, this news station says no, he was found days earlier.

Watch the video here:

Jazzie said...

"Sources close to the investigation told TV5 remains of the little boy's body were actually found earlier this week, but it took a few days to confirm they were his. Family members told TV5 that may be because the boy's remains were badly burned."

VITA found truth revealed.

Mother is co-killer of Carnel. On so many levels.

Anonymous said...

Someone in our family messed up badly enough to lose her kids. She was being investigated, and was so jealous of her own children that she did not want her kids to go to any relatives. She feared her kids loving someone else more than her. So despite family members being willing to watch over her kids 'til she got herself straightened out, she pitched such a fuss and made so many false allegations that CPS was forced to put her kids in foster homes. She cared more about herself and her feelings than her own little babies.

my3angels said...

Residents of Michigan and of the reservation where Carnel Chamberlain was found should be in a state of protest right now. That's because Jaimee Chamberlain should be charged, at the least, with failure to report child abuse. She admitted to the FBI that she not only saw signs of abuse on her four-year-old son, but she witnessed the masochistic actions of Anthony Bennett -- the man in federal custody right now. Those who live in the Saginaw area should be outraged and they should be demanding that this woman be arrested and charged.

You see, Jaimee Chamberlain reportedly did not want her son in the first place. She gave him up for adoption when he was very young. She later fought to get him back for some unknown reason, but it's suspected that it was for the government benefits associated with having a child, no education and a drinking and/or drug habit. Instead of bringing her son into the loving environment she should brought him into, she brought him into the home of an abuser -- Anthony Bennett. She let this man beat her son with his fists and choke slam him into the floor. She left her son alone in the care of this man while she went out at night to wait tables and party with friends.

She cared not for the welfare of this precious four-year-old boy.

It is illegal to fail to report child abuse in the state of Michigan and considering this Native American reservation is on federal land, it's certainly illegal to allow the frequent abuse of a child in such a masochistic way. The executive director of Safe Haven Ministries claims that Jaimee herself could have been abused by Anthony Bennett, but that doesn't seem entirely right. She had only been living with this guy for around eight months. Her family members have a lot of weight on the reservation with her cousin being a one-time-chief of the tribe. She had enough influence and power, by proxy, to have that monster locked up. She also had plenty of opportunity leaving the home to go to work every night, to report him to the police. She still refused to do it even after watching him choke her four-year-old baby.

Jaimee Chamberlain appeared on Nancy Grace the other night, but downplayed her neglect. She didn't mention the choking and the punching. She didn't mention just how horrific the abuse she recounted to the FBI. Why? It's obvious; she doesn't want a poor public image. She obviously knew who she was being interviewed by, and didn't want to attract any negative attention in her direction. Nonetheless, she allowed this abuse to continue and did nothing. She refused to save her little boy when he needed her the most. She is just as responsible for his death as the monster who did it.

Residents of Michigan, demand that this woman be charged as an accessory to the abuse and murder of Carnel Chamberlain.

-K said...

Just to bring in some new ideas-

What if Jaimee and Anthony beat/abused Carnel together sometime before she left for work?

What if the place Jaimee started to mention that they put him 'in' for punishment was the bathtub full of water. (rather than 'on' a chair)?

What if they laid the injured boy in the bathroom, bleeding 'his blood' in two spots, maybe from his poor little ears?

Maybe the mom knew Carnel was hurt before she left for work- hence Anthony greets her with the statement "He's gone"...

Todd said...

The Mother is deeply involved in this imo.

my3angels said...

I agree the mother is involved. SA shows us this.

My question is... how is it she passed 2 polygraphs?

Is it she wasn't involved with the disaapearing part, but only the abuse...and if she didn't view it as abuse, she passed based on her belief that the discipline in her house was acceptable?

Anonymous said...

OT: Missing 5yo boy from Cinncinati, Don De Reco Michael Baldwin, was last seen with a 45 yo man, Oscar Murph, Saturday around 4:30...

Lemon said...

Vita @ 7:47-

It is a panel made out of plywood with a hole cut for an access door. It is to access plumbing/heating/electrical for a modular home.

Todd said...

This sorry mother should be jailed for extreme neglect, and not protecting her son! Jail her butt!

Laughton said...

Bennet the Beater has got a lifetime to think about what he did to helpless child! So has the sorry mother who didn't protect him!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Peter, thank you for posting the Truth, and the Facts!

Theresa said...

CHAMBERLAIN: It`s just a drain. We have in our back bedroom, we have a Jacuzzi. So I honestly don`t think it had a draining thing. I know where the Jacuzzi is, it has a little sitting point and then it has the switch on the jets and to control the jets and that`s it.

This doesn't sound like a regular jacuzzi/whirlpool style bathtub. It sounds like a hot tub they put in their bedroom. Do bathtubs have "sitting points?" Mine doesn't, and it's a huge soaking tub. If it were an actual bathtub it would have a drain. We all know our bathtubs have drains, and she "honestly doesn't think" her's does? Who doesn't know that bathtubs have drains? She's a dimwit.

Anonymous said...


Not to pick, but...

"masochistic" would describe someone who derives pleasure from an act (or submission to an act) that intentionally inflicts pain on one's SELF.

I *think* you meant "sadistic" which would describe a person who derives pleasure from the act of inflicting pain on someone ELSE...

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't apologize. You just reported the facts, clearly and concisely, without a lot of opinions. I thought it was an excellent example of SA.

Anonymous said...

I feel sure that Bennet has abused many others in his sordid life! I wish they would come forward. He's not going anywhere, so he can't hurt them.

Now, LE should arrest the sorry "mother"! She KNEW her son was being abused!

Jon said...

Great article Peter! (as usual)

Anonymous said...

What on earth could CAUSE someone to become as evil as this Bennet monster??

Dina said...

Nanna Francis, you can make a FREE call to the Soaring Eagle Casino at: 877 903-0071

Anonymous said...

Jaimee Chamberlain's employer is Isabelle's restaurant at

Trigger said...

I am sick to my stomach after reading the unfolding story of how many people were aware of Anthony Bennett's serial cruelty to animals and children.

I hope this monster did not burn that poor baby alive. It hurts to think that a mother would shelter and bed a monster like Bennett and then give him entitlements to her son's life so recklessly.
How could she be so indifferent to Carnel's bruises, cuts, and torture?

This is such a horrific story!

Anonymous said...

This took me all day long to read. It was fascinating, but it sickened me. A train wreck! Thank you for writing it though Peter.

Poor little Carnel. I wish the family spokesman had been more involved in his short life.


Anonymous said...

ARREST JAIMEE!! We need to start a petition, if she is not arrested soon!

Anonymous said...

did anyone pick up on when she is talking about the blood on the bathroom carpet she says, i noticed his two,...there brown stains on my carpet. who is ..

Anonymous said...

"Now notice the expression, "everything was fine" is a very strong indication that something was very very wrong. "

I thought we shouldn't interpret, but just listen to the words?
She tells us that everything is fine, therfore we must believe her.

I am not being rethorical here, I need to know.

Matt said...

An old story at this point but I was very impressed by the analysis. One thing that kept going through my mind (and this is obviously independent of this story specifically) is how denigrating society is to men who don't work, but for women that is not only okay, it is preferable. I have often found it pathetic that feminism wants equality in all ways it chooses, but wants to be able to denigrate men and have inequality in ways that benefit women. After reading this I can't help but wonder if there isn't some accuracy to society's double standard here though, since so many if not all men who do not have stable working lives are in fact troubled, in this case severely so, while the horror stories about the unemployed woman who stays home to watch the kids is just not as frequent. The blog author obviously has some training in psychology and I'd love to know his or her thoughts on that.

Anonymous said...

It was said that cps doesn't like putting kids in foster care. Isabella county is known for it unless it's child abuse. Cps should be held responsible too.